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5 Types of Display Banners and Their Benefits

types of display banners


Display banners are a useful way to draw attention to your trade show booth. They are easy to transport and take little time to set up and take down. Banner stands are also cost-effective because one sign can be used for multiple events. For this reason, many brands purchase several banners in different sizes to stand out at their events. 

Below we cover five types of eye-catching display banners to consider for your trade booth and the benefits to each.

1. Table Runners & Throws

Table throws are placed over booth tables to add color and personality. The fabric is flexible and available in endless colors, with the option to be embroidered or screen printed with your logo. Thanks to versatile, high-quality fabrics, table throws can be used for numerous events. They fold up, are easy to transport and economical.

2. Tripod Banner Displays

Tripod banners are one of the most versatile banner stands on the market because the fixed pole telescopes. This design feature allows the graphics to be mounted horizontally or vertically at the angle that works best. Tripod banners can be single or double sided as well. Whichever booth size you rent for your trade show, you’re sure to get noticed with a tripod banner display! 

3. Retractable Banner Stands

Probably the most popular option is the retractable banner stand. Companies choose retractable banner stands because they are easy to store and quick to set up. The banner retracts back into its base and is safely stored there until the next show. Another asset to retractable banners is that they are fully customizable, with various height options, removable graphic cassettes, different colored base units and more.

4. Tension Pole Banner Stands

Tension pole banners are lightweight and offer large graphics at an economical price. These stands use the flex of the vertical pole to create tension and add clarity to graphics. The poles are available in different materials, allowing you to choose one that is lightweight, easy to ship and affordably priced.

5. Backlit Banner Stands

Arguably, the most professional looking display on our list is the backlit banner stand. These signs are made possible by portable light boxes, which are also found in lobbies, museums and other public facilities. Backlit banners look expensive, but the light boxes and lightweight materials (aluminum and tension fabric) keep them moderately priced.

One of the best ways to bring your exhibit to life is with trade show display banners. Economical, versatile and easy to transport, you can find the perfect fit for your business. To have your custom trade show exhibit designed and built, contact IGE today. We’ll find the perfect solutions for your business.