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Does Trade Show Booth Size Matter?

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A common question we hear from clients is ‘Does trade show booth size matter’? Many wonder whether they should build a small or large trade show exhibit. Those who are on a budget typically opt for a smaller exhibit. Not only can it cost less, but smaller spaces are also cheaper to rent out at events. Even if you have the budget for a larger exhibit, is it worth it? Not always.

The final decision is up to you and what’s best for your business, but we’ll share our experience and expertise when it comes to the size of your trade show booth.

10 x 10 vs. 30 x 30. Is There Really a Difference?

As long as you are effectively and efficiently using the booth space, there is no difference between a small 10×10 booth and a large 30×30 booth, aside from the obvious – size. Otherwise, you can successfully promote your products and services, introduce your brand and entertain your audience. 

Some may argue that a larger display will attract more attention, but this isn’t necessarily the case. If you go big but don’t have enough content to fill out the booth, it can make your business look lazy and unprepared. Before investing in more space, be confident that you have the content to make it look great.

A small booth almost always has the potential to shine, but you do have to be creative. These booths tend to get less exposure than large island configurations. Fortunately, there are endless ways to attract attention. The only time a small booth can be a disservice is if you try to cram too much information in, leaving people feeling overwhelmed.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

At the end of the day, choose the exhibit that meets your needs and allows you to accomplish your goals. Here are a few tips to make the most of your space, whether it be small or large.

Small space tips:

  • Stay organized. There is limited room for people to stand around, so keep your area clean and organized. Otherwise, it may appear messy and prevent people from stopping by.
  • Use eye-catching displays. To ensure that your booth gets just as much attention as larger ones, invest in eye-catching graphics. The font should be large and bold, and the signage should include your company name, logo and call to action.
  • Enlist your A-team. Bring your best employees along – those that are friendly, energetic and great at starting conversations.
  • Promotional giveaways. People love to get free stuff, so be ready to hand out free items such as water bottles, t-shirts, shopping bags and even labeled snacks and water.
  • Incorporate technology. If your budget is limited, it can be better to invest in technology than space. Educate and entertain your audience using virtual reality goggles, interactive games, touch screens and more.

Large space tips:

  • Hire enough staff. You have more space to cover with a larger booth, so you need more employees. Each person should stand at a specific spot to ensure that all angles are covered.
  • Capture leads using an app. It’s harder to keep track of leads in a larger space. Use a lead capture app to gather visitor information. If you can, jot down a few notes about each person so you can personalize a future follow up.
  • Have a dress code. With more people walking around your booth, you don’t want your staff to be confused for a visitor. Have your booth staff wear bright, matching colors.
  • Consider the traffic flow. With more territory to cover, a flow is important. Have an inviting entrance and guide visitors from one part of the exhibit to the next.

As you can see, there are benefits to both small and large trade show exhibits. If you need help choosing the best size for your next conference, contact IGE. We’re happy to help our clients find the best fit!