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IGE’s Visual Communications & Graphic department provides fresh, artistic concepts for achieving the look and feel for each exhibit created that surpasses expectations.

fabrication of trade show display graphics

Visual Communication

Trade show display graphics should be your highest priority. Your logo, message and all supporting visuals should be clean, clear and visually appealing. Branding a trade show display effectively also depends on placing the right elements in the right places and using each in a way that is harmonious with the rest of the exhibit and messaging. Furthermore, the quality of your visuals and materials they are printed on is important. Are you only using them once, or will they need to be stored or used elsewhere?  You need to ensure can withstand typical wear and tear.


You don’t have to build a new exhibit to take advantage of updated graphics. Many of our clients update their trade show display graphics to keep things looking trendy and fresh. This is far less expensive than having a new booth built, and it can accommodate a branding overhaul.

On a related note, we offer a word of caution here. Updating your display graphics only works when you are happy with the rest of the structure. Pretty pictures will not change the overall look or efficiency of the actual booth. But knowing the dimensions and where the graphics will go can alleviate anxiety about its appearance.

How IGE Can Help

Our Graphics department fulfills the entire task from inspiration to production. This includes creative strategy, layout, graphic design, proofing, pre-press, printing, production and installation. We specialize in high-resolution, large format printing and signage for production of trade show booth designs and display graphics. Because our machines are on-site, members of the design team can oversee the actual production to ensure quality and accuracy. Our capabilities include large format inkjet printing, laminating, vinyl application, signage CNC routing and fabrication.


  • Large Format Printing
  • Laminating
  • Vinyl Application
  • Signage CNC Routing
  • Graphics Installation
  • Direct to Substrate Print
  • Dy Sublimation Print on Fabric

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