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With over 20 years of experience, IGE has conceptualized and constructed retail store fronts, product showcases, permanent brand installations and more. We offer an extensive range of retail display design services and expertise to complete any sized project with relative ease and affordability. 

Retail Display

Presentation Partners

The retail display design executed in your store matters. How you present your product in a public environment can determine whether or not a consumer decides to purchase. Although aesthetics are important, there is also a methodology to these in store retail display designs. The amount of space and visitor flow both contribute to creating an experience in which someone feels confident and compelled to buy. These details must marry well with the presentation of the brand image and merchandise, all while enduring typical wear and tear.

IGE partners with expert craftsmen in the mill-work industry to design and produce beautiful, durable retail store displays. Our facilities include a warehouse, talented engineering and production teams, state-of-the-art equipment, and in-house CNC. This allows us the flexibility required to execute retail display projects with greater control and flawless precision. Our core retail display design capabilities include working with large format fabric graphics, lightweight substrates, dimensional signage and modular components. 


With over 20 years of retail display design experience, IGE has conceptualized and constructed retail store display fronts, product showcases, permanent brand installations and more. We also offer an extensive range of expertise to complete any sized project with relative ease and affordability.  Brand managers around the world trust IGE to design and create exceptional marketing environments that communicate their company and brand message. Our design excellence, expertise and resources ensures that the retail display design we produce captures the essence of your brand.

When you choose to work with IGE, we will conduct a deep dive into your brand and products to get a better sense of who you are. We need to know what sort of space you are working with, what your aspirations are and what sort of look and feel you want to achieve. Our retail display designers then collaborate to generate the most innovative solutions to your brand challenges. Our goal is to devise structures and systems that will entice an audience and make the competition stop in the aisles. 


  • If you have one, we can use your own creative retail display design. If not, we are more than happy to develop a concept sketch, rendering or idea into a set of fully engineered drawings for your retail display design. Along the way, we can provide mock-ups, various finished concepts, fully functioning prototypes and installation services.
  • We blend old world craftsmanship with the latest technologies available to our industry to fabricate the 3-dimensional concept into a finished retail display, ready to ship and install. This includes utilizing the latest CNC equipment for both panel and solid wood processing.
  • Our finishing capabilities are second-to-none, blending environmentally friendly products with the most demanding techniques. Options include high-gloss European finishes, to laminate, lacquer or foil. Our unique Thermofoil-Vacuum technology is one of the most suitable finishes in the retail display industry for a low-cost finish.
  • We are able to manage National and International multi-location projects with varying complexity and scope. IGE is also experienced in utilizing a wide range of materials including wood, glass, metal, graphics, lighting, UL-65 listing, and more.
  • We designate an expert Project Manager and Engineer to multi-location projects. This ensures we deliver on time, per specification, and within budget.
  • Due to our exhibit background, we deal with digital applications and installations on a regular basis. In addition, we work with some of the finest digital and AV companies in the country to provide the latest technology.
  • IGE has completed award-winning projects and is recognized in the industry for our excellent customer service, flexibility and responsiveness.

Domestic Retail Production

IGE’s domestic retail display production offers unique advantages, including central manufacturing and quick turnaround prototyping. Material capabilities include metal, wood, glass, acrylic, laminates, solid surface, lacquer, powder coating, painting and staining. We also excel in light box solutions, tension fabrics, full-service graphic production, Thermofoil finishing, and offer a one-year manufacturing warranty. We own our domestic retail production facilities in Colorado, as well as contract with three others in Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Import/International Retail Production

Our import retail display fabrication offers several distinct benefits for large volume and linear manufacturing that achieve lower costs. Our onsite project managers control production and quality without language or time zone barriers. IGE also partners with major logistics and freight management for all our imports. We have an expedited shipment to the East and West U.S.  coasts through ports from China and trucks from Mexico. For all overseas fabrication, IGE offers a one-year manufacturing warranty. 

Manufacturing is the core business of IGE Retail. Together we determine the best approach to meet your program goals. This focus on flexibility results in the most efficient and cost-effective import retail production solution for your fixture program. We contract our international fabrication with facilities in Mexico and China, depending on the volume, budget and time frame.

Retail Display Props

Along with displays and furniture, props and décor set the stage to showcase product in a retail display environment. We understand that visual merchandising designers rely on these accessories to dress a store and give it personality. Therefore our team utilizes a network of the best prop makers in the movie, commercial, trade show, event, advertising, marketing and themed entertainment industries. Paired with the best-suited veteran artisans and fabricators for your project, your retail store display is sure to be a success! 

Please get in touch if you have a retail display project to discuss!