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Custom Exhibition / Trade Show Design – Stand & Booths

Engaging your visitors with a meaningful brand experience is our passion and our promise.

Custom Exhibition / Trade Show Design - Stand & Booths IGE designers apply their many years of experience using state of the art tools to give you the perspectives needed to understand how the final structure will look. Because form follows function, we first consider the visitor journey and space planning realities of your tradeshow, event or retail environment. Then, with your budget in mind, we integrate the right forms and materials. Finally, our designers weave it all together to deliver 3D renderings that accurately represent the finished structural concept. Are you ready to impress your audience with an innovative custom exhibition stand built specifically for your brand? IGE Group specializes in the fabrication of custom design exhibits and trade show booths for clients in the United States and internationally. Standing out isn’t hard to do when your exhibit is professionally built by IGE Group!

Truly Custom. Built to Your Exact Specifications.

Our clients come to us wanting various designs, materials, layouts and more. They have different goals to reach and various budgets to work with. This is why our designers feel that it’s best to start from scratch. This is how a truly custom exhibit booth comes to life. To develop a unique design, our team starts with an informal meet and greet. We want to know everything about your brand, your vision and the goals you hope to achieve. A client who plans on attending a trade show event to showcase a new product will have different needs from a client interested in increasing sales. What type of look and feel are you going for? It can be difficult to communicate, but our design team understands this feedback. Some of the aspects to think about are the size of the booth, the tone and message you want to convey and how you want people to feel when they leave. IGE Group has custom designed thousands of exhibits and is confident designing one for you! It’s equally important that we learn about your audience. Who buys your products and uses your services? What interests do they have? What problems are you trying to solve? The more we know about your customers, the better we can consider the visitor journey. Your exhibit may look great, but if it’s not attracting your audience and encouraging them to stay, it’s not doing its job.

See Your Design Come to Life with 3D Imaging.

Once our design team has a firm understanding of your business and customers, we can start with the custom trade show exhibit design, which includes space planning, materials, visitor journey and more. Our designers come together and dish out every idea we have. We don’t hold back, as a great concept could be missed out on. No matter how silly or impractical it may sound, we share everything during our brainstorming sessions. Eventually, things start to come together to form the foundation for the design. Here at IGE Group, we design to impress. We wouldn’t have it any other way. To help clients see our vision, our designers render a 3D design. This design shows clients what their exhibit is expected to look like from top to bottom. Displaying this information in a 3D format gives clients a true-to-life example of what to expect, eliminating misunderstandings. If there’s something you don’t like, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Addressing Each Detail. We Expect Perfection.

When the design has been approved by the client, our design team rolls up its sleeves and begins the detailing process. What materials, tools and forms are needed? Will the layout be comfortable and accommodating for guests? What types of electricity and lighting are essential? Detailing is a key part of building custom exhibit booths because it forces our designers to go through every aspect of the design process before the physical work begins. All details are addressed, and we make sure that we have the capabilities to pull off lighting, electrical, elevations, visual communications and more. If there is something that won’t work as it should, we’ll let you know right away so that the proper substitute can be put in its place. In most cases, our design team is able to get the design to an exact match of what was given in the 3D design. This process is just an extra step to ensure that we have all the right tools and equipment to achieve the design for your setting.

Building the Booth in Our Fabrication Facility

The fabrication stage is when our design team fully fabricates the custom exhibition stand using state-of-the-art equipment and CNC machinery. IGE Group has our own fabrication facility that allows us to take complete control of this process. We’re able to maintain our high standards when building modular systems, portable exhibit components and custom exhibits. We also have access to high quality, versatile materials such as lightweight substrates, large-format fabric graphics and dimensional signage. Once the exhibit is complete, our team goes through and makes sure that the layout makes sense and all components work as they should. Finally, let us know what logistics you need. We are able to accommodate most shipping, installation, dismantling and storage needs so you can focus on what you do best - selling your products and services! To learn more about custom designing your next exhibit, call IGE Group today.

Portables & Exhibit Systems

With proper attention to brand, messaging and reconfiguration needs, portable and modular booths become a flexible and budget-friendly part of your exhibit program.

Portables & Exhibit Systems These exhibits are relatively light and compact, reducing costs for transportation and material handling (drayage). And most portable displays can be set up by your own staff, eliminating expense for hired labor. To ensure our clients can count on the long-term value they expect from IGE, we carry and repair products only from system manufacturers that meet our high standards for quality and durability. Exhibit Program Management, Including:
  • Portable System Design
  • Modular Aluminum Systems Design
  • Tension Fabric Exhibits
  • Exhibit Program Storage and Logistics
  • Repairs and Parts Replacement
  • Display Graphics Design and Production
  • Graphics Inventory Maintenance
  • Reconfiguration Design Services
With over two decades of industry experience, IGE Group knows how to take an ordinary exhibit and turn it into a masterpiece. As a business ourselves, we recognize that businesses pour endless resources into attending trade show events. From the staffing to the travel accommodations to the custom booth design, trade shows require time and money. This is your time to shine and show your audience why you’re worth their attention. Luckily, you have options beyond investing in a custom exhibit of your own. With our wide selection of portable exhibits, we’ll put your brand back in the spotlight for increased visibility and media coverage.

Portable Exhibits. Lighter on Your Wallet...and Your Back.

Portable and modular booths are part of a budget-friendly exhibit program. They fill a number of priorities, including convenience, cost-savings and versatility. Portable and modular exhibit systems are available in floor and table top styles and can be used in tandem. In just a few short minutes, you can assemble your display and have a major impact on your audience. Unlike traditional displays that require time and patience to set up, portable systems are lightweight and feature a popup frame. Set up your custom exhibit in a matter of minutes and take it down just as quickly. Portable displays are versatile and allow for accessories, lighting, compelling graphics and more. Modular exhibits, in particular, adapt from one show to the next. They are fabricated using building block components that can be reconfigured for each event. For example, if you get a large 20x20 booth at one event and a small 10x10 booth at another event, a modular system will accommodate both. A custom exhibit, on the other hand, would be more costly to change.

The Case for Modular Trade Show Solutions.

With options to buy and rent custom exhibits, how do you know which direction is right for your brand? Custom designing a modular or portable booth has advantages you don’t want to overlook.
  • Lightweight materials. Portable and modular displays are made from lightweight materials and fabrics. This keeps costs down without sacrificing quality and durability. The lightweight nature of the materials also lowers shipping and storage costs.
  • Budget-friendly. Portable exhibits are less expensive than custom ones. If you have a smaller budget to work, or want to attend multiple trade show events without breaking the bank, portable and modular systems are ideal. They can be reconfigured so you don’t have to buy as many trade show booths.
  • Use your own staff. With modular systems, you don’t have to rely on anyone other than your own staff. The exhibits are so easy to assemble and disassemble, your employees can handle the entire trade show with confidence. This puts more control into your hands while eliminating the need for hired labor.
  • Embrace your brand. Portable and modular systems are more versatile than you may realize! They can be enhanced with accessories and components such as lighting, signage and graphics. They can be built to your exact specifications and evolve as your brand grows.
  • Stand apart from your competitors. Trade shows keep you busy enough. Why not let your exhibit do some of the talking? A custom portable exhibit demands attention and showcases your individuality. There are many ways to share your story such as through interactive elements, touchscreens or a 3D presentation.
  • Faster repairs. If your modular display is damaged, it can be repaired more easily than a traditional trade show booth. Not only are the materials lighter in weight and easier to work with, but also the display is designed to be assembled, disassembled and reconfigured. This makes it easier to squeeze in repairs and updates.

Delivering Custom Solutions to Each Client.

To deliver truly custom solutions, our team works closely with each client. This is how we understand your specific needs and brand personality. The good news is that learning about our clients doesn’t require anything fancy. All we have to do is listen. We’re not afraid to do our homework, research industries and audiences, ask questions and receive feedback. All of this information allows us to build a comprehensive vision of what our clients want and how they can achieve it. IGE Group only carries products from system manufacturers that meet our high standards for quality and durability. We refuse to let our alternative solutions (modular systems, portable systems, rental exhibits) be any lesser in quality than our custom exhibits. To learn more about our modular aluminum systems, tension fabric exhibits, reconfiguration design services and more, call us today.

Custom Exhibit Booth Rentals

Why buy? Using a Custom Exhibit Rentals saves you the cost of refurbishment after each cost and storage fees.

Custom Exhibit & Trade Show Booth Rentals IGE designs and build unique custom exhibits using versatile structural properties from our rental inventory. We custom configure these to meet the space requirements and visitor journey at your show. We can change colors of panels and add unique elements as budget allows. On top of the structure we layer your branding. This can be applied in many ways such as direct applied vinyl (which cannot be re-used) and removable graphics panels (which can be re-used and stored for your next event). Graphics application methods are based on budget and plans for re-use.

Custom Exhibit Fabrication

Our goal is to build every exhibit to match the exhibit design, so every detail of the exhibit is prepared for production by the team of designers and builders at IGE in our headquarters facility.

Custom Exhibit Fabrication Fabrication materials and methods are determined based on specific needs, with careful attention to budget and installation location. When fabrication begins, it may be at IGE headquarters in Denver or in our InterGlobal Builder Associate facilities worldwide. Whether a display is fabricated from more traditional materials such as wood and laminates, or engineered using aluminum systems, tension fabric, and digital media solutions, the IGE team is dedicated to delivering the design from the studio to installation with artful precision.

Graphic Capabilities

IGE’s Visual Communications & Graphic department provides fresh, artistic concepts for achieving the look and feel for each exhibit created that surpasses expectations.

Graphic Capabilities The department fulfills the entire task from initial creative strategy to production; this includes creative strategy, layout, graphic design, proofing, prepress, printing, graphic production and installation. We specialize in high-resolution large format printing for production of trade show booth and display graphics. In-house capabilities include large format inkjet printing, laminating, vinyl application, CNC routing and fabrication. Graphic Services: ‣ Creative Strategy ‣ Message Positioning ‣ 2D Design & Layout ‣ Exhibit Branding Package ‣ Client Review Management ‣ Multimedia Design ‣ 2D Graphic Design ‣ Brand Strategy Sign Production Services: ‣ Large Format Printing ‣ Laminating ‣ Vinyl Application ‣ CNC Routing ‣ Graphic Installation ‣ 3D Logos ‣ Direct to Substrate Print ‣ Dy Sublimation Print on Fabric Digital Services: ‣ Animations ‣ Video Production ‣ Projection Technology ‣ Digital Displays ‣ Interactive Surface Displays ‣ Projrammable LED ‣ Tablets and Kiosk ‣ Lead Capture Devices

Logistics & Storage

From time critical deliveries of your exhibit properties to storing your booth and supplies after the exhibition, IGE provides customized solutions that ensure your trade show is delivered with the right components, in the right conditions and on time.

Logistics & Storage Because you need to focus on the business objectives of your events, the IGE team is dedicated to providing all of the mission-critical logistical services needed to manage and maintain exhibit and event programs. From efficiency in crating and secure packaging to transportation management processes, the IGE team ensures your exhibit properties arrive to their destination safely and cost-effectively. After the event, IGE provides clients with exhibit property management services for both temporary and long-term needs. The company’s Denver headquarters includes more than 50,000 square feet of warehouse facility space, with additional fulfillment and storage facilities at IGE Builder Associate locations around the world. Our warehouse department relies on our proprietary database management system to efficiently coordinate more than 300 projects every year. ” I am the one held accountable for our tradeshow success and failures, I certainly appreciate your commitment to perfecting the smallest details” – Exhibit Manager, Precision Dormer Logistics & Storage Services: ‣ Storage - Exhibits ‣ Full Logistics Services ‣ Project Management ‣ Full Show Services Management ‣ Installation + Dismantle ‣ Turn-Key Operation

Brand Activation | Events

Your corporate events take a wide variety of forms, functioning to engage and communicate your brand and message to unique audience groups.

Brand Activation | Events Whether your event must excite and motivate an external audience, such as customers, media, and investors; or internal audiences, IGE Brand Experience designers work with you to create sophisticated event environments that impress and engage. And thanks to our global platform, the IGE team can deliver for you virtually anywhere in the world. Retail Displays & Permanent Environment Services: ‣ Custom display design ‣ Storefront design and signs ‣ Interior layout including placement for counters, dressing rooms, window display, fixtures and more. ‣ Specification and design of display fixtures and equipment ‣ Colors and finishes including paint, flooring, ceilings and wall and fixture materials ‣ Lighting plans for the retail area, dressing rooms and back room ‣ Traffic flow analysis tied to merchandise planning

Custom Tradeshow Booth Rentals

Not in a position to buy a custom exhibit? No problem! IGE Group can create a custom trade show booth for your next event - and you can rent it from us! Other exhibit design firms may offer plain, cookie-cutter rentals. Our company treats our tradeshow booth rentals like our custom exhibits. We recognize that you have a goal to accomplish. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, generate brand awareness or increase sales, you should have a custom exhibit to match.

Why Custom Exhibit Rentals Make the Cut.

Not sure why you might need a trade show booth rental? Here are the benefits to going this route.
  • Greater flexibility. Not every company is in a position to own an exhibit yet they still want something cool and unique. Trade show booth rentals allow a great deal of customization without requiring businesses to take full ownership.
  • Simple logistics. An exhibit rental doesn’t require all the same logistics as those that are owned. You don’t need storage space or to incur costly storage fees. The booth is packed up at the end of the event and sent back to our facility.
  • Reduced expenses. If your business only attends a couple of trade shows a year, it may not make sense to own a trade show booth. Instead, you can attend the events you want, wow your audience and see measurable results without making a major investment.
  • Trial and error. Another perk to renting an exhibit is that you get to test things out to see what works and what doesn’t. This way, when you do finally invest in a custom exhibit, you’ll know what features are worth the added cost.
  • Wider range of options. Because you will only be using the custom trade show booth for a show or two, you can enjoy a wide range of options you might not consider in an owned booth. Have fun experimenting with pop-up displays, fabric displays, modular displays and more.
  • Test out accessories. It’s not just the booth you can rent but also the accessories. Test out features such as workstations, tables, shelves, banner stands, kiosks, touchscreens and more to see what accessories you may want to add to your custom booth one day.

Premium Quality. Affordable Price Tag.

Working with IGE Group, you can expect your trade show exhibit rental to receive the same attention to detail and quality as our other clients. This is your opportunity to stand out at the event, reach a wider audience and grow your business. We’ll make sure that you have all the same opportunities as if you owned the exhibit. Our rental inventory has refreshing options that come from our stock of custom exhibits. No longer are clients limited to one-size-fits-all display rentals. We use versatile structural properties that can be configured to meet your needs, including the size and layout of your booth space and the visitor journey you hope to create. Choose from our traditional materials such as wood or laminate, or opt for something edgy like aluminum or tensioned fabric. As you are introduced to the world of rental exhibits, you’ll be amazed at what can be done. Here are some of the ways that you can customize your temporary trade show booth:
  • Change the colors of the panels to match your brand’s color scheme
  • Add unique elements to represent your brand such as lighting, flooring, branding, furniture and more
  • Achieve branding using direct applied vinyl (cannot be reused) or removeable graphic panels (can be reused)
  • Incorporate the latest technology such as LED lighting, quality sound systems, touchscreen panels, etc.
  • Support your advertising media with LCD screens, interactive elements, digital touch screens, large format signage and more

Five Star Service. Our Clients Deserve the Best.

If your company plans to be the star of the show at your next trade show event, you don’t have to own the exhibit to be successful. With IGE Group, you can impress your audience, meet your objectives and save money with tradeshow booth rentals. The process is similar to building an exhibit of your own and includes getting to know you and your audience, designing the layout and building the exhibit using the materials we have. With options to support your advertising media, make your artwork pop and accessorize with lighting, tablecloths, colors and more, your custom rental will come to life in no time. You are free to rent the booth for multiple events or a single event. Many of our clients choose to tweak the design with each show to better fit their needs. When you are done using the exhibit, you don’t have to worry about finding storage and spending money on storage fees. We’ll handle all the logistics for you. You’re free to reach back out for your next event with a new concept for a rental or owned exhibit. Call IGE Group to start building your custom trade booth rental today!