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Exhibit Fabrication

Bringing an exhibit design to life requires attention to detail, state-of-the-art machinery and quality expertise. With careful consideration to budget and installation location, IGE can amplify and elevate your brand presence with custom exhibit fabrication, while delivering on-time and within budget.

IGE facilities include custom exhibit fabrication capabilities. Our goal is to build every structure to match the exhibit design. A team of designers and builders prepare every detail of the exhibit in our headquarters facility. 

Custom Fabrication

Most exhibitors have specific goals that mandate distinctive booth features. Some don’t always require product demonstration space, private areas for discreet discussions, or large LCD screens to display the most recent marketing campaign. Other elements, however, are simply necessary to create an effective trade show exhibit or display. After 25 years in the industry, IGE has mastered both the essentials and amenities to meet or exceed your trade show aspirations.

A Turnkey Exhibit House

With artful precision and dedication, we oversee every step of the custom exhibit fabrication process and can troubleshoot issues as they arise. Our team can easily interface with others, ensuring the correct execution of the approved design. By manufacturing the designs we create with materials we trust by our own experienced craftsmen, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen and potential miscommunication than can happen when pieces of a project are passed around.

We fabricate everything using CNC Machining. First, data points of the final design are fed into the CNC computer from a CAM program. This determines and controls precise cutting movements to the exact specifications. A sophisticated feedback system constantly monitors and adjusts the cutter’s speed and position. Then our skilled artisans assemble the finished pieces to create the final structure. 

CNC Exhibit Fabrication

Our modern, custom exhibit designs utilize organic and geometric shapes that demand flexible materials. The wide variety of laminate products available are perfect to work with for shaping, cutting and finishing, from counter-tops to the floor. IGE is also experienced using other materials, such as wood, tension fabric, aluminum systems and digital media solutions. 

Ever-important graphics are also printed in-house using a state-of-the-art flatbed digital printer. Large-scale banners, panel imagery, brand messaging and more is done alongside all other production components. 


A signature of IGE exhibit design and trade show booth fabrication is the use of LED lighting. Having implemented its application since its inception, we understand its benefits and limitations. We know how to install and use which LED fixtures, lamps or diffusers, and how to build the design in such a way that ensures the placement of each will create the desired effects and lighting accents.


Top 50 Exhibit Fabricators in the U.S.

InterGlobal Exhibits has made the list of “Top 50 Exhibit Fabricators in the U.S.” twice (2013 and 2017). Presented by Event Marketer, the leading online magazine focused on the event and exhibition industry, the “Top 50” designation applauded our work in making custom trade show exhibits. This affirms the direction of our organization and assures our clients we can compete with the best in the industry.

One of our main goals here at IGE is to “WOW” you. We want to amplify and elevate your brand presence, while delivering on-time and within budget. Our passion is in creating custom trade show exhibits, from design, to fabrication, transport, installation and storage.  We hope you will trust us to create your next event exhibit- contact us today to explore your next project!