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From Start to Finish: Our 6-Stage Trade Show Booth Design Process

Trade Show Design Process

As one of the world’s most innovative custom exhibit companies, our trade show booth design process sets us apart from other exhibit firms. With over 20 years of experience and multiple award-winning exhibits, we deliver exceptional quality while leveraging the latest innovations.

To ensure that all projects meet our high expectations, we follow a strict 6-stage trade show booth design process. Let’s explore these six steps so you can get a better understanding of how we would approach your own exhibit.

Stage 1: Briefing

The first stage of the trade show booth design process is where we get to know you, the client. We put ourselves in your shoes as you explain the following:

  • Your goals for the trade show
  • Your wants and needs
  • Specific details of the event
  • Your target audience
  • Research on your brand
  • Visuals and media to incorporate

You know your brand best. You know your audience best. By listening and understanding your goals, we can build an incredible exhibit that represents your brand.

Stage 2: Design

Next comes the design stage. Every trade show exhibit is designed from the inside-out by our IGE design team. First, we consider the audience and a layout that would make sense for them. This is how we find inspiration for floor plans, 3D designs and interactive elements. We discuss the plans with the client so they have a full understanding of what we’re going after.

Stage 3: Detailing

When the trade show exhibit design is approved, we proceed with the detailing. This phase of the project is similar to detailing a car. We go through every nook and cranny and ensure that it meets perfection: floor plans, electrical, lighting, materials and finishes, AV plans and more. We can also address possible concerns before they become issues.

Stage 4: Fabrication

Fabrication is handled in-house, allowing us to control the process and ensure the highest standards. We have a fabrication facility that stocks state-of-the-art equipment and CNC machinery. Because we don’t have to outsource these needs, we save our clients money and headache on graphics, signage, substrates and more.

Stage 5: Logistics

When your trade show booth is complete, we’ll handle all logistics. Regardless of where you are in the world, we have solutions to get the product to you quickly. IGE has resources for shipping, delivery, installation, dismantling and storage.

Stage 6: On-site

If you need on-site assistance, we’re prepared to deliver it! Our on-site supervisors are part of your team and can help with installation and dismantling. Having this comprehensive service allows you to step into the spotlight and set your brand apart from your competitors.

IGE practices excellence. Our strategic 6-stage trade show booth design process sets our customers apart from others at some of the world’s largest trade shows. Contact us to get started!