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For over 20 years, IGE has created trade show exhibits all over the globe.

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Founded with a Global Vision

Though based in the U.S., IGE also executes international trade show exhibits in every major international market. We offer global exhibit services in locations including Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. For 20+ years, some of the most discriminating marketing managers trust us to develop rich, memorable brand experiences. 

The world is more connected than ever before. Even small businesses have customers in other countries. E-commerce sites have made it easier to sell overseas, helping reduce shipping costs and streamlining the order fulfillment process. There are numerous other benefits to attending an International trade show, including the opportunity to visit a new place and network with a different audience.

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Most of our international projects are custom trade show rentals that we design in the U.S.. We then coordinate with members of our IGE Associates Network to build them. Delivering global trade show exhibits can be challenging, but our team is always eager to impress with unique designs and stellar customer service. Our clean compositions, outstanding visuals and creative structures resonate with audiences of all territories.  When designing your exhibit, we will ensure global brand consistency, as well as a cohesive look and message you can be proud of. We can also manage the installation and dismantling of the structure, as well as transportation and storage. Coordinating all these moving parts alleviates you of additional stress so you can focus of other important strategies and details. Working with IGE means you only have to handle one contract – isn’t that a relief?

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