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IGE will help you do the plan, coordination, organization, direction, control and leverage all the trade show services you need. For our clients, the exhibit experience starts weeks before the exhibit floor opens.

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Exhibiting at a trade show for the first time is both exciting and intimidating. There are numerous moving parts and important components that contribute to a successful trade show experience. 

An immediate potential issue is that many new exhibitors don’t realize that when they buy or rent a booth, trade show services are not included in the cost. The structure alone is a significant expense by itself. Getting it to the event safely, unloading it and setting it up correctly are separate expenditures. Other trade show booth necessities include installing lights, sound and video equipment, post-event clean-up, dismantling and so forth. Make sure to review our Trade Show Budget Guidelines to get a better idea of all the costs included in exhibiting.

Learning Curve

New players to the trade show production experience can be overwhelmed with everything that needs to be taken care of at a show. You might not realize that many of the tasks required in setting up your booth must be completed by a designated contractor. Various states have different labor laws, and regulations vary by convention center. Even an experienced exhibitor may be anxious and looking for a reliable partner to help execute their vision with precision. You might be brainstorming ideas for your display and thinking how to transport and set it up without professional help. However, sometimes regulations may prevent you from doing simple tasks that you’d never think you need professional help to accomplish. When you partner with IGE, you won’t have to worry about those issues.

To help streamline efforts, many events partner with a dedicated show management company to oversee many of the trade show services. This alleviates the potential stress associated with a company having to make their own arrangements. While this is certainly one route, partnering with IGE is also an option. If we designed your trade show booth, we can also manage the services. The biggest benefit of this is that no one else knows better how your structure needs to be installed. You can feel confident that our team of experts are planning and executing the vision of your exhibit accurately. Working with selected vendors, we can also secure the best rate for your onsite exhibit display services.

1-Stop-Shop Solution

Some of our trade show management services include: