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IGE will help you do the plan, coordination, organization, direction, control and leverage all the show services you need. For our clients, the exhibit experience starts weeks before the exhibit floor opens. Our services can also include all the show services you need to deliver a turnkey exhibit in the US or anywhere in the world. Working with selected vendors we find the best rate for your onsite services.

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Exhibiting Can Be Challenging

Engaging in a show for the first time can be daunting.  Many don’t realize that the cost of an actual booth does not include the expense of trade show services. New players to the trade show production experience can be overwhelmed. With us, you can find peace of mind knowing that a team of experts can ensure that you achieve your goal. Or, if you’re an experienced exhibitor, you may be looking for a reliable partner to help execute your vision with precision.

It’s critical to understand how trade show services may impact the future costs of your proposed exhibit designs. If your company is new to exhibiting at trade shows, you’re probably brainstorming ideas for your displays and beginning to make plans.  You may think you’re designing an exhibit that your team can transport and set up without professional help. But sometimes regulations may prevent them from doing simple tasks that you’d never think you need professional help to accomplish.

IGE offers a one-stop-shop solution to help minimize the multiple moving parts

Some of our show services include: