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Transportation and Storage

From time critical transportation and deliveries of your exhibit properties, to storing your trade show booth and supplies after the exhibit, IGE provides customized trade show booth storage solutions that ensure your trade show is delivered with the right components, in perfect condition, and on time.

Logistics Matter

Purchasing an exhibit can be a daunting, not only due to the expense of the structure. Significant concerns also include safe trade show exhibit storage between events and coordinating transportation when needed. We understand this, so when you rent or buy an exhibit from IGE, you have the option of using our customized trade show booth solutions that ensure your display is taken care of.  From time-essential deliveries of your exhibit properties, to storing your booth and supplies after an event, we can make sure trade show exhibit transportation and storage isn’t something you need to worry about.


Trade Show Booth Transportation

Enlisting our dedicated team to provide trade show booth transportation services for all the mission-critical, behind-the-scenes necessities ensures your display materials arrive at their destination safely and cost-effectively. From secure packaging to trade show display shipping processes, we make sure everything is delivered on time, and in perfect condition. 


Trade Show Booth Storage

After the event, IGE provides clients with exhibit property management services for both temporary and long-term needs. Our Denver headquarters includes a warehouse facility with 50,000 square feet of space. We also offer additional fulfillment and trade show exhibit storage facilities at many IGE Associate locations in the U.S. and around the world.  Our warehouse department relies on our proprietary database management system to efficiently coordinate more than 300 projects every year.

exhibit transportation and storage

Planning to attend a trade show or convention as an exhibitor from start to finish is an intensive project.  Why worry about how and when your structure will arrive to the event if you don’t have to? Let IGE manage the logistics of the trade show booth so you can focus on travel arrangements, presentation and your business objectives. With more than two decades of experience packing, shipping and storing the trade show structures we create, who better to trust with your investment? 

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“I am the one held accountable for our trade show success and failures, so I certainly appreciate your commitment to perfecting the smallest details.” – Exhibit Manager, Precision Dormer