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Trade Show Exhibit Logistics: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

packing for trade show

As an exhibitor, it can be difficult to figure out trade show exhibit logistics. Very quickly, you can find yourself worrying more about how your materials are arriving to the event than the event itself.

When you use a turnkey exhibit company like IGE, you don’t have to worry about this part of the process. IGE provides customized logistics and storage solutions that ensure your trade show booth is delivered on time. We offer these services to our customers because we want you to focus on your trade show objectives – not worry about when your shipment will arrive!

Nevertheless, we thought it would be helpful to share some of our best trade show shipping tips. We hope that you find them helpful, too! 

1. Ship Early

Being prepared makes all the difference in having a successful trade show appearance. Always ship out your booth and materials early so that if there are delays, you don’t have to worry. There are two ways to ship your materials: direct-to-show or advance warehousing.

Advance warehousing allows you to ship your booth materials to your conference location in advance. Your items are held at the warehouse and moved to the exhibition center during your move-in time. Advance warehousing avoids last-minute shipping charges. Or, you can ship directly to the trade show, but this takes more time and could cause delays.

2. Know Your Booth Information

You are assigned a booth number and a move-in time when you sign up for a trade show. Communicate this information to your transportation provider, which is often designated in advance by the trade show. If you use advance warehousing, your pallets can be delivered to the exhibit location and then moved to your booth.

3. Schedule Outbound Shipping

Getting your materials to the trade show is important, but you also need a way to move them back to their storage location. IGE offers property management services for short and long term needs. Our headquarters are located in Denver, and we have additional fulfillment and storage facilities at our associate locations. Outbound shipping is usually scheduled during your move-out time.

4. Plan Ahead

Even though you may have shipping and delivery arranged, be sure to plan ahead for your display. Consider lighting, electrical outlets, seating, tables, trash cans, draperies and more. You can arrange for these materials in advance from the show decorator or exhibition service. This way, you’ll have everything you need to set up your booth. We also recommend having a list of essential materials that you check off before leaving. 

When you use IGE for your trade show display needs, you can also count on us for logistics and storage. By knowing that your materials will be delivered safely and on time, you can focus on your trade show objectives.