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Trade Show Booth Technology | AV Integration

Trade Show audio-visual integration is nearly a necessity nowadays to attract attention on the showroom floor. Given the investment of both booth and technology, it’s imperative that the two work together in beautiful, efficient harmony.

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Trade show booth technology is essential in our current electronic age.  Lights, sight and sound matter. Interactive trade show displays, digital engagement and immersive experiences are the new norm and even expected on some trade show circuits.  Given the expense of creating a custom booth, it’s important to ensure it includes trade show tech integrations and AV elements that increase its value.


Through years of working in the exhibit industry, IGE has gained significant experience designing structures that accommodate even the most challenging digital demands. We partner with the most qualified Audio-Visual companies to ensure our displays incorporate the latest trade show technology and work together to elevate the brand experience. From simple interactive displays to sophisticated AV applications, we have the ability and expertise to deliver the digitally dynamic environment you envision for your trade show presence.


Our extensive understanding of how best to integrate smart technology into an exhibit means we can create a design with the end result in mind. First, we will engage in thoughtful discussion to determine what products and solutions will achieve your desired result. Then we will advise you on what brands and technologies are reliable and which play well with others. Our valuable insight will get you up to speed on the latest innovations and trends so you can make informed decisions. Expect to have your questions answered and receive creative suggestions on how to incorporate technology into your booth. We will also let you know what to avoid or where to proceed with caution, which can save time, money and frustration.

Project Specifications

Our knowledge is imperative to accurately document what digital audio-visual integration products and services will be required for a proposed project. This is mandatory to avoid potential miscommunication or issues during the installation of your exhibit. Working together with architects and engineers, we will prepare the necessary contract paperwork and construction provisions. In short, our clear-cut specifications describe the type and quality of every product required for the project. These include functionality, installation and finishing while also addressing obligatory codes and standards.

Design & Engineering

Comprehensive, thoughtful system design and engineering in the beginning results in functional, reliable aesthetics in the end. This detail avoids costly mistakes, such as change orders, repetitive work or tearing up the display. Careful attention is given to the numerous details involved with smart technology and integrated systems. This ensures the tech is easy to use and delivers expected performance. Furthermore, this deliberate consideration allows for future expansion or upgrades to permanent structures. We plan in advance, from wiring infrastructure and hardware location, to control device placement, user interface design and power management. Blending machinery and electronic equipment with architectural elements and interiors is an art we have mastered.

Partnering with IGE provides you with the advantage of our expertise. Let us apply what we’ve learned to create a progressive, immersive, tech-savvy brand experience at your next event!