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Digital AV Audio-Visual Integration

Through the years of experience working in the exhibit industry, where the ultimate digital and AV experiences have been created, IGE has gain significant experience dealing with the most demanding challenges in the design and implementation of digital experiences. We partner with the most qualified AV companies in the country, from simple interactive displays to sophisticated AV applications and digital brand experience environments.

Digital AV Audio-Visual Integration



With Digital AV Audio-Visual Integration and our extensive experience providing smart technology, we can provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight into what products and solutions work best to achieve the desired result. We advise you on what brands and technologies are reliable and which play well with others. Get up to speed on the latest innovations and trends and have your questions answered. With our collaborative approach, expect to get creative suggestions on how to incorporate technology in your life or business. We can even let you know what to avoid or where to proceed with caution, which can save time, money, and frustration.

Project Specification

We can apply our expertise when documenting requirements for Digital AV Audio-Visual Integration products and services for a proposed project. Doing so, we work together with architects and engineers to assist in preparing contract documents and construction requirements. In short, our specifications describe the type and quality of every product required for the project. This includes functionality, installation, and finishing while addressing codes and standards when appropriate.

Design & Engineering

Comprehensive and thoughtful system design and engineering, in the beginning, lead to functionality, reliability, and aesthetics in the end. This avoids costly mistakes, change orders, having to do something twice, or tearing up walls. Careful attention is given to the numerous details involved with smart technology and integrated systems. Doing so ensures they are easy to use while delivering consistent performance. In addition, they allow for future expansion or upgrades. In advance, we plan everything from wiring infrastructure, hardware location, control device placement, user interface design, power management, and blending equipment with architectural elements and interiors.