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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

Trade Show Booth Lighting Hacks that Improve Your Exhibit

trade show booth lighting

The best custom trade show booths include a thoughtful balance of sound, audio and lighting. Together, they create the perfect ambiance that can propel your brand to the next level. As a bonus, digital audio-visual equipment is affordable and convenient. When you work with an experienced exhibit design firm, you can implement the latest innovations into your trade show booth designToday, we are going to focus on trade show booth lighting and the different ways it can be used to guide visitors through your exhibit. Let’s dig in!  

Consider the Right Color Tone 

Trade show booth lighting comes in many forms, but sometimes, it boils down to the color you use. We recommend following the kelvin scale, which is the primary unit of temperature measurement in the physical sciences. LED, fluorescent and halogen bulbs all have different effects that can change an environment’s mood. Warm colors project warmth, making trade show exhibits feel friendly and inviting. Cool colors are clean and white, and for this reason, portray true color. 

Invest in LED Lighting 

LED lighting is more expensive than other types of lighting for a trade show booth, but you’ll get your return back compared to a fluorescent light bar or light strip. Unless you only plan to use the lighting one time, it’s best to spend the money and invest in quality trade show booth lighting. LED lighting offers a long product life, saving you replacement costs and hassle. 

Incorporate Back-lighting 

One of the most popular trends in trade show exhibit design is back-lighting. Exhibitors love this design trend because it’s easy, inexpensive and draws attention to graphics, logos and more. For example, you can choose a durable aluminum frame, push-fit graphics and LED edge lighting to share your brand message. 

You can also use back-lit lighting for your trade show booth fixtures. As an example, you can add LED lights around the counters where visitors have the opportunity to interact with your brand. This subtle illumination will guide people into your exhibit and make them feel welcome. 

Use Color-changing Lights Sparingly 

Color-changing lights are pleasing to the eye, but use them sparingly in your exhibition stand design. Flashing colors can make your exhibit too colorful and distract visitors from your core message. If you love the idea of bringing more color in through lighting, stick to color-changing lights in one area, such as a reception counter or seating area. This will drive traffic to the right places without interfering with your brand image. 

Enhance the Customer Experience 

Remember, trade show booth lighting should be used to provide visitors with a positive, meaningful brand experience. Use lighting to complement this experience rather than placing it at every interaction. When used effectively, lighting will capture a person’s interest and guide them on an immersive journey through your exhibit. 

The possibilities for trade show lighting are endless. To learn more about your options for digital audio-visual equipment and integrations, contact IGE today. We have solutions for every size company and every budget.