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How Trade Show Exhibit Colors Affect the Event Experience

bright blue trade show exhibit

Your trade show exhibit colors play a significant role in how attendees react to your display. Are you familiar with Color Psychology?  This is the science of how colors evoke certain emotions in people, which is why marketers use them strategically to promote their products and services. Yellow conveys warmth, blue represents trust and red generates excitement. That said, the way we react to colors is largely based on our individual preferences, heritage, and upbringing. So it’s possible that the color yellow may not make you feel warm and happy at all.

Exhibitors have a tall order to fill because they need to work with colors that grab people’s attention while encouraging them to do something. These colors also need to form an emotional connection while keeping in line with the brand’s own color scheme.

If you’re having trouble choosing colors for your trade show exhibit, you are not alone. This is a tough decision to make, and one that can have a positive or negative impact on your custom trade show exhibit. To make things easier for you, we’ve broken down what each color means and some of the best hues to use for your own exhibit. Let’s dig in!

Colors and Their Personalities

  • Red. The color red is associated with strength, power, determination and love. It attracts more attention than any other color, and can sometimes indicate danger. Red can increase respiration rate and raise blood pressure.
  • Yellow. Yellow is an overall happy color. It signifies joy, happiness and energy. Because of this, it produces a warming effect and stimulates the mind. Too much yellow can have the opposite effect.
  • Blue. Blue is a popular color with many shades, which means it has many personalities. In marketing, blue can signify trust, loyalty and productivity. It has been known to lower pulse rate and body temperature.
  • Purple. The color purple combines red and blue hues for a mysterious end result. Purple is associated with royalty, luxury and nobility. 
  • Orange. Orange combines the energy of red and the joyfulness of yellow. It’s an upbeat, tropical-like color that instills feelings of creativity, fascination and enthusiasm.
  • Green. The color green is synonymous with nature, freshness and fertility. Green is often used to symbolize trust, wisdom, safety and healing. This is an effective color for products that are safe for human health.

Applying Color to Your Exhibit

Before choosing which colors to use for your exhibit, there are three elements to consider.

  • Your demographics. How will your target market perceive the colors you choose? For example, in China, the color red is good luck. On the other hand, the color green can mean unlucky or unfaithful.
  • Your brand’s personality. Some brands are more rugged and do best with earthy tones like green and brown. Other brands are more technical and do well with shades of blue. Choose colors that align with your brand’s personality.
  • Your business goals. Think about your trade show goals and what you are hoping to accomplish. Are you building brand awareness? Launching a new product? Expanding your lead base? This will help you choose proper colors.

IGE builds custom exhibits for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you choose colors that balance freshness and individuality with your trade show goals.