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Creative Ways to Attract a Crowd to Your Exhibit

Creative Ways to Attract a Crowd to Your Exhibit

Looking to bring more people to your trade show booth? A great way to attract crowds to your exhibit is to add an element of show business. While you may not be able to host a performance by the Black Eyed Peas like Intel did at the CES, or bring in the Foo Fighters like Motorola, there are still interesting performances you can include in your exhibit. Below are some creative trade show booth ideas that attract visitors and keep your brand front and center for all the right reasons.

Hire a Showstopper

Showstoppers get all the attention, which is why they are worth adding to your exhibit. If you have the connections, hire someone famous to be at your booth. It doesn’t have to be a big-name celebrity, but rather someone well-known in your industry. Or hire a professional balloon twister, magician, face painter, tattoo artist, etc. These showstoppers deliver plenty of entertainment in a small space. You can even train your employees to take on these roles, saving money and ensuring consistent customer service.

Add Lights and Action

Adding lights and action to your trade show booth can get you noticed from a distance. As people see laser lights and light shows from afar, they will be interested in seeing what your exhibit has to offer. Plus, lighting is generally inexpensive and low maintenance for the attention it can generate. Ideas include:

  • Laser light displays
  • Track lighting
  • Rope lighting
  • Color changing LEDs
  • Wall washer spotlights

Offer Internet Access

Internet access may be important if you plan pique curiosity with holographics, water screen projections or large backdrop screens. Wifi access  is also a great way to welcome people to your booth. Offer charging stations and comfy chairs where attendees can take a break and charge their devices. Provide information on your products and services in a subtle way, such as with brochures, kiosks, or a video presentation. 

Provide Interactive Activities

When people engage in interactive activities, it allows them to form stronger brand connections. Add a few interactive elements that visitors will enjoy, such as virtual reality games, kiosks, interactive tours, spin-the-wheel prizes, virtual reality goggles and more. These activities will also keep people in your exhibit for a longer period of time, giving you more flexibility to share your brand experience and take time away from competitors. 

Hand Out Exciting Prizes

Promotional items and giveaways are a great way to bring your brand into your customers’ homes, but you can reserve a few larger prizes for some lucky winners. People love to win things, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting people to participate. A dinner out or a weekend getaway treats a few customers to something special while allowing the magic with your brand to continue.

Exhibitors continue to do bigger and better things to impress their audiences, so it’s important that you find ways to stand out too. Hopefully our ideas have given you some inspiration on how to attract larger crowds to your exhibit!