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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

Why Trade Show Giveaways Should be Part of Your Strategy

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Trade show giveaways might be the best way to not only attract more visitors, but to have them remember your name later. Promotional products are one of the simplest ways to make people happy. Buyers enjoy getting items for free, especially if they are fun, useful and trendy.

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the promotional product industry is worth more than $20.81 billion. Nearly seven out of 10 brands consider promotional products to be effective in achieving their marketing goals. The main reasons for handing out branded merchandise at your trade show booth include increased brand recognition, stronger relationships with customers and more sales and referrals.

If you’ve been struggling to see ROI from your trade shows, it’s possible that handing out promotional items can make a difference. Below we share the biggest reasons why trade show booth giveaways keep your brand front and center.

Increase Booth Traffic

It can be difficult to get people to your trade show booth, especially if you don’t have a prime location. These spots cost more and can be hard to get if you don’t sign up early. To drive traffic to your custom display exhibit, incorporate promotional items.

Rather than setting out the items, use them to your advantage early on. As you share updates on social media, entice people to visit you at the event to claim their free present. Something simple like, “Come visit us and get your free water bottle” gets the point across. Always be clear about the product you’re offering and if you have limited inventory.

Promote Brand Recognition

One of the main goals of attending a trade show event is to separate your brand from others. Fortunately, promotional products help customers remember you in a positive way. According to the PPAI, nine in 10 customers recall the branding when given a promotional item, eight in 10 recall the message and seven in 10 recall the call to action.

If your promotional item is not useful for the person you gave it to, rest assured that it will probably live on. Research shows that 81 percent of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year. If they choose not to keep the item, they often pass it along to someone else who can use it. So your product can potentially reach an entirely new audience.

Improve Brand Image

It’s hard to get noticed when there is a convention full of trade show booths! Giving visitors something to remember you by improves your brand’s image. It gets people to think more positively about you and the way you care for your customers. Be sure that you hand out items that are valuable and relevant to your audience. Handing out just anything is a missed opportunity and may even send the message that you don’t understand your customers.

Enhance the Look of Your Display

Adding giveaways is a great way to improve the visual look of your trade show booth. Set out display shelves or stands with the branded swag and give your booth a pop. This will drive more traffic to your exhibit and generate conversation around your products and services. Some of the most popular promotional materials include apparel, water bottles, reusable bags, electronics and stickers and decals.

Promotional items should be a part of your trade show marketing strategy. Let IGE help you incorporate these products into your display exhibit for maximum impact.