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3 Interactive Trade Show Games to Build Brand Awareness

Interactive Trade Show Games

Incorporating trade show games to build brand awareness is a great way to increase traffic to your booth and acquire more leads. Your games should be fun and entertaining for attendees, but they also need to work in your favor by making an impression and increasing trade show ROI. Below we share three of our favorite interactive trade show games that are guaranteed to bring visibility to your brand.

“Find Our Brand” Game – Great for Social Media

Find Our Brand is an interactive game that supports your social media efforts. Hire people to walk around the trade show floor in branded swag. To save money, you can also have your own staff do this. When participants find these individuals, they must take a picture with the person and post it to social media. To keep the posts organized, create a hashtag that guests can use when uploading their photos. Prizes can be handed out during the show. Alert winners via direct message if they’re a winner.

Photo Booths Build Brand Awareness

Photo booths are great because people love them and they can serve a lot of attendees with little effort on your part. Rent a photo booth for your event and include fun props and accessories for guests to wear. Bonus points if the props and accessories are related to your brand!

Each photo should be printed with your company name and contact information. People often misplace business cards, but they won’t misplace a fun picture! Also, you can request that people fill out a contact form before having their photo taken. Though you may lose interest from a few people, the leads you do get will be higher quality.

Spin the Prize Wheel – Take Your Brand Offline

Most exhibitors come with promotional products to hand out to visitors because these items create positive connections and boost brand recall. Take things to another level by attaching an experience to the product. This can be done with an easy and inexpensive Spin the Prize Wheel game. Display your wheel in an accessible location and have a dedicated employee manage it. When visitors approach your booth, they can spin the wheel and collect a free promotional item, coupon, or other prize. This is also a great icebreaker that can lead to more meaningful conversations.

These are just a few of the games that make it possible for you to interact with your visitors while meeting your trade show goals. To incorporate one of these games, or any other game, into your custom display booth, contact IGE today.