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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

5 Ways to Increase Trade Show Attendance to Your Booth

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Planning for a trade show event takes a long time – usually months or years. This is your time to shine, and you don’t want to skip a beat. The best way to increase trade show attendance to your booth is to give visitors some type of incentive. Trade shows get busy, so even well-intentioned people might forget to stop by and see your booth. Don’t let this happen – give people an incentive to visit your trade show booth they can’t refuse! 

Here are five ways to encourage more people to visit your custom display booth at a trade show.

1. Share part of the item with VIPs.

VIPs are people that you want to meet at the trade show, such as a potential customer or supplier. Send them part of an item before the event and allow them to collect the rest of it when they come to your trade show booth. It could be half of an item (i.e., lid to a tumbler) or a special code/key to open an item at your exhibit.

2. Take visitors on a journey.

Custom trade show exhibits can be made to accommodate any story. Rather than having a standard booth with employees handing out brochures, take visitors on a journey. You can set up multiple booths or product demonstrations that visitors have to walk through. Give them a map or passport to identify where they are in the journey. At the end, offer a promotional prize.

3. Let visitors personalize an item.

Give visitors the opportunity to take a personalized item home with them. This is more meaningful than a generic pen or water bottle, and it will connect customers to your brand on a deeper level. Ideas include caricature drawings, selfie pictures or 3D laser etched items.

4. Get creative with your promotional products.

Branded merchandise is a great way to drive traffic to your trade show booth. People love getting free items to take home with them, and the impact they can have on your audience is significant. Take things to another level by getting more creative with your products. For example, if your company has a “secret sauce” solution, hand out bottles of hot sauce.

5. Tease a slideshow presentation.

If you like the idea of sending your VIPs something special, consider sharing a snippet of your slideshow presentation. You can email important people the slides, which should include high-end visuals and descriptions of your promotional prizes. This is a fast and economical way to drive more interest in your trade show booth.

Do you want to bring more traffic to your trade show booth? By following our strategies above, you can take your trade show strategy to the next level.