InterGlobal Exhibits

Modular Technology CEDIA



  • Year 2017
  • Client Dish
  • Mandate 50' X 50' - 2500 square foot exhibit
  • Location San Diego, California, United States

What we did

  • 3D Design
  • Creative strategy
  • Graphic Production
  • Fabrication

Leader in Home Television

The CEDIA Expo brings together more than 2,000 professionals in the home technology industry. One of the main stars of the event is the Dish Network. Known for having some of the most powerful technology in home television, the brand has earned numerous awards at the CEDIA Expo. As most of us know, Dish is committed to delivering innovative technology that caters to people in the comfort of their homes.

Red Glow to Captivate Audiences

To capture the attention of attendees, a large overhead sign was hung above the exhibit. The sign was made to resemble the lines of an airplane. Throughout the structure of the exhibit, the curves and lines followed the same style. To embellish Gogo’s signature cherry red color, the hue was used throughout the exhibit. The client wanted to “own” this color, and they succeeded.

Standing Out

A 60 foot sign demanded attention from guests, who were then brought into an open, airy showroom. Semi-private meeting spaces lined the space, giving attendees the opportunity to connect with staff and learn more about the provider’s technology and cable packages. To complete the tech-savvy design were tinted black acrylic accents and a Voice Integration Room. Overall, the exhibit was rebellious, sophisticated and high-tech, as requested by our client.  

LED Lines 60

Fabric Header 60'

Meeting Rooms 4