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Best Exhibit & Innovation Award at Miami Boat Show

Year 2012
Award Best Exhibit & Innovation Award at Miami Boat Show
Category Best Exhibit
Client Sea Ray
Award Location USA


Sea Ray is the world’s largest boat manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats, Sport Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts, and Yachts In 2012 IGE and all the team considered themselves lucky because of the request by Sea Ray boats to collaborate on the design and build of their next exhibit experience at the Miami and New York Boat Shows. In brief, the result was magnificent, IGE won best booth and most innovative exhibit awards at both shows, so the results speak by themselves. The exhibit design was not created only as a “luxury quality boat” symbol or metaphor, it is itself a full unforced creative intent. Its beauty lies in its natural and uncontrived exhibit lines, appearance that portrays the asymmetrical balance we find in water and at the heart of Yatchs Design aesthetics.” After a lot of research on Yatchs design tradition and experimenting with different shapes, IGE rolled a piece of paper to visualize a wave hanging sing idea. From that moment on, IGE knew that this was the concept Sea Ray wanted to go for and make it happen. The exhibit was crowded with boats. Every single boat was available at the booth making the flow difficult to navigate. However IGE’s design was able to fit all boats while making a great experience, simple and open for visitors.


From Left to Right : At the Miami Boat Show 2012, Gino Pellegrini (IGE), Michael Hungerfor, Event Manager Sea Ray and Rob Noyes Marketing Manager Sea Ray