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Ways to Integrate More Touchless Technology into Your Exhibits

QR code

The COVID-19 pandemic raised new health and safety concerns in public settings, especially when it comes to hands-on interactives like self checkouts and kiosks. To keep people safer, touchless alternatives are being introduced when possible. For example, instead of receiving a menu that everyone has touched, you can scan a QR code to bring up a virtual menu on your phone. 

We are seeing similar changes in the trade show world as well. Instead of using touchscreens and kiosks, visitors can use their smartphones to interact with exhibits. This is a new idea, but it’s a great one, as it allows users to experience brands on the devices they trust most – their smartphones. 

Below are some ideas for embracing touchless technology for your trade show exhibit. 

QR Codes 

QR codes allow many businesses to operate smoothly without spreading germs. This touchless technology works well for trade show events because visitors can scan the code and link to new content through their internet browser. For instance, you can ask visitors to scan the code to fill out a contact form or leave valuable feedback. This is a far better alternative than having them touch the same screen that everyone else is, and it shows you care about their health and safety. 

Voice Activation 

Another trend that is gaining more popularity is voice activation technology for trade show booths. Instead of using physical touch to engage with exhibits, visitors can use voice activation. They can ask questions and receive answers, participate in trivia games and listen to information about your products and services. Another alternative is proximity sensors, which allow interactive elements to be triggered by motion instead of touch. 

Self-Cleaning Film 

Even though self-cleaning film isn’t touchless, it’s still worth mentioning because it creates a safer, healthier surface. This film goes over the screen on touchscreen devices, and they use an oxidation reaction to kill contaminants. And, unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, this technology is a natural process that contains no heavy metals, toxins or poisons. If your exhibit must have touchscreens, consider placing this film over it. 


Giveaways are a great way to increase foot traffic at your trade show booth. Better yet, they allow you to engage your audience and build brand awareness without spreading germs. You can hand out individual items like lanyards, stickers and decals. Or, consider handing out colorful, branded stylus pens that people can use to interact with your touchscreens. This way, they’re staying safe while getting to take home a promotional item. This will be sure to leave a lasting impression! 

Create an Exhibit with Touchless Technology 

Even though we are returning to ‘normal’ after the pandemic, it is still a ‘new normal.’ Now is a great time to rethink the strategies that will best serve your audience while keeping them safe. This is a good way to show people that you care about them and are dedicated to providing a great experience every time. Contact IGE to discuss the ways you can integrate touchless technology into your exhibit.