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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Trade Show Display is Secure

large crowd at trade show

Trade show exhibition halls are busy places with a lot going on. At any given show, there’s likely to be hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees. With so many people and trade show booth designs gathered into one place, it’s crucial that you give attention to the safety and security of your exhibit

At IGE, we always consider the environment when building exhibits. We realize that our clients’ custom trade show displays must be durable enough to withstand shipping, setup and take down and foot traffic from hundreds of thousands of people. But, there are things you can do to take your exhibit’s care to the next level.

Below are five trade show security tips for making sure your exhibit stays safe. 

  1. Have the resources to safeguard your booth.

Most event organizers hire security guards to make sure that attendees have the proper credentials and that everyone in the event space is supposed to be there. However, these trade show security services are not responsible for the exhibit show displays. It’s up to you to protect your booth, products and electronics. Theft can still happen, especially when it comes to expensive items like digital displays and A/V equipment.

  1. Keep items locked up when away from the booth.

If you’re not at your booth, you can’t control what happens. This is why it’s important to keep personal possessions, electronics and trade show swag under lock and key. Only bring what you need to the event. The rest of your possessions can stay in the safe at your hotel room. For those items that come with you (purse, briefcase, giveaways, phones), keep them hidden or locked away. 

  1. Mount equipment securely.

One of the best ways to ensure your electronic equipment doesn’t get stolen is by mounting it correctly. When this is the case, it takes longer for a person to take the item, which deters them from doing it. If people are going to steal something, they look for easy opportunities. So, make sure that all digital devices are securely locked into their display stands.

  1. Stay organized. 

When you organize your trade show booth, you’ll know where everything is. Plus, when you’re alert and have clear places for each item, you’re less likely to be a victim of theft. Again, people look for easy opportunities. Keep your booth free of clutter, never leave your retail display unattended and list valuable items that are checked for at the end of each day. 

  1. Label boxes carefully. 

When you label boxes and containers, be thoughtful about what you write. If you label a box with “tablets,” this is more likely to draw attention from curious people. Instead, think of other, less revealing ways to label your containers such as with “pamphlets” or “brochures.” This way, you can keep organized without advertising items of value. 

These are just some of the ways to keep your trade show exhibit safe and secure. Most people who exhibit at and attend trade shows are there for the right reasons, but it’s still important not to create opportunities for things to happen.