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Why Buying a Custom Exhibit is Worth the Investment

Buying a Custom Exhibit

With all the hype surrounding portable, modular and rental exhibits, some wonder if it’s still worth it to build a custom exhibit. Purchasing a trade show display is a great option if you plan to exhibit at multiple trade shows. Because buying a custom-built exhibit is more expensive than renting, it really depends on your budget, what you can afford, and how often it will be used.

Below are some reasons why buying a custom trade show exhibit may be better for your business than renting. 

Strong Brand Presence 

No other display option will be as detailed and true to your brand as a custom-built exhibit. These structures are built exactly to your needs and will impress an audience. You can select the color, look and feel of your booth and ensure your branding stays consistent. It usually takes several months to complete this project, during which time you will work closely with the design team to bring your vision to life. 

Cost Savings Over Time 

Custom trade show displays can save money over time. We typically recommend them to clients who exhibit at three or more trade shows a year. Rather than paying for a rental each time, you spend the money once and enjoy a successful brand presence at each event. Plus, there are ways to keep costs down on the front end, such as by choosing lightweight materials. However, you will want to build refurbishment costs into your budget. 

Highly Targeted Leads 

With a custom-built display, you’re able to work with the design team to create an exhibit that speaks specifically to your audience. From the messaging, to the lighting, to the interactive technology, each detail will cater to your particular crowd. This is why purchased trade show booths typically attract more traffic and leads, skyrocketing trade show ROI. 

No Limitations 

Investing in a custom exhibit allows for maximum flexibility and unfettered creativity. You don’t have to forgo any of the elements you want because they aren’t available or won’t fit with the design. The sky is the limit because they’re built from scratch. From innovative materials to artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless.

Want Something Custom without the Loftier Price Tag? Opt for Custom Display Rentals

If you love the idea of having an exhibit built to your needs but don’t have the capital to purchase one, look into a custom rental exhibit. These displays offer the best of both worlds – a reasonable price tag with options for customization.  IGE builds trade show display rentals using materials from our rental inventory. You have the ability to adjust the design to fit your needs and appeal to your audience. To discuss your upcoming project, contact IGE today.