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Choosing Between a Custom or Rental Exhibit

rental vs custom exhibit


If you think back to the trade shows you’ve recently attended, consider what brands stood out. Chances are, they were the brands with the most interactive and entertaining exhibits.

There is no question that trade show booth displays are responsible for capturing people’s attention. However, because you probably don’t have an unlimited budget to work with, you have to choose your exhibit’s features carefully. This may lead you to one of the biggest questions: should you go with a rental exhibit or a custom exhibit?

There are benefits to both rental displays and custom displays. Let’s review the advantages to each and how to pick the best solution for your brand.

Custom Exhibits and Their Benefits

A custom trade show display makes a powerful statement. It’s built specifically for your brand, giving you full control over each phase of the design and creation process. A custom exhibit shows that you are committed to maintaining your brand image because all signage, colors, graphics, etc. will match your brand to a tee.

Even though custom trade show booths are an investment, they pay off if you exhibit at a lot of events. You can use the same exhibit for each of your shows and continue to make a big impact on your audience. Small updates can be made for each individual trade show, but the overall exhibit will be the same.

The main considerations for building a custom booth is that they are expensive and you need to provide storage for them. This could be in your workplace or at a separate warehouse. You will also be responsible for shipping the contents to and from your shows.

Rental Exhibits and Their Benefits

More businesses are opting for rental exhibits because of their flexibility and affordability. Using modular structures, a design team can put together an exhibit that is almost as good as a custom one. It will match your brand’s graphics, logos and colors so no one can tell that it’s rented. Rentals are flexible and allow you to add interactive elements, virtual technology and more. You can even change the layout to accommodate your different booth spaces. 

When you’re done exhibiting at the event, a rental exhibit is delivered back to the trade show company. This way, you don’t have to worry about storage and logistics. This is one of the reasons why rental booths are highly recommended for last minute shows and for businesses that only exhibit on occasion.

Rentals are far cheaper than a custom exhibit, but they will get expensive if you exhibit at shows often. In this case, it’s better to build a custom display that can be used throughout the year. Continue fine tuning the exhibit to match your audience without having to rebuild it each time as you would with a rental.

Still not sure what’s right for your brand? Contact IGE and we’ll discuss your options for affordable, effective trade show exhibits, including custom displays, rental displays and modular displays.