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Tradefest Highlights IGE as a Best-in-Class Booth Design Company

Best-in-Class Booth Design

In Tradefest’s recent blog article, Interglobal Exhibits is noted as best-in-class trade show booth design company in their list of the top Exhibition Stand Builders and Booth Design Companies in the world.  IGE is always eager to impress with unique designs and stellar customer service. Some of the most demanding marketing managers in the world trust us to develop rich, memorable brand experiences.

Tradefest co-founder Joe Cochrane says: Our blog is all about giving value to the global community of exhibitors. We like everything that brings innovation to the trade show industry. We created this list because we wanted to highlight the trade show design companies that are taking booth design to the next level, needless to say, this is why IGE Exhibits quickly came on our radar as a company we needed to include.”

In a nutshell, Tradefest is a worldwide directory of trade shows, conferences, expos and conventions with a community element. Attendees and exhibitors share feedback on their experience of industry events. The platform empowers marketing and communication teams to successfully plan and execute their event marketing strategy. This allows them to browse thousands of events and reviews from verified professionals to identify the best trade shows and conferences in their industry. The resource is 100% free to use and signing up gets a user access to a personalized feed of recommended events based on industry.


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