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Color Trends to Consider for Your Custom Trade Show Display

bold colors

The color scheme you select for your trade show exhibit is important because it affects your visitors’ perceptions of your brand. If you’re working with an exhibit designer, they can help determine the most appropriate color scheme for your display based on your corporate colors, your tone and your trade show goals. 

Keep in mind that there are many ways to incorporate color into your trade show booth. Aside from the signage, you can also work color into the flooring, lighting, seating, tables and branded swag. Below you’ll find some popular color trends to consider for your custom trade show exhibit

Pastels for the Win 

Pastels like coral and turquoise are a great pick for spring and summer trade shows because they’re light, airy and calming. We most commonly see pastels for fashion and beauty brands, but they can be used for various applications. For example, dusty pinks and faded blues can give your products a vintage look and feel while keeping them grounded and genuine. 

Berry Hues are Bold and Bright 

Shades of berry are growing more popular because they make a memorable first impression. Imagine offering tired guests comfortable cranberry couches to sit on or bright mulberry ottomans to relax their feet. These colors are friendly and inviting, but they manage to offer a sophisticated aesthetic.

Get Back to the Basics with Earthy Tones 

You can make a great impression by keeping things simple with natural, earthy tones. This is especially a good choice if your brand is focused on sustainability. Because earthy colors include browns, greens and blues, there are a number of directions you can go. For example, you can create a peaceful, calming exhibit with shades of light green or opt for neutral brown hues instead. 

Neon Colors for Accents 

Accent colors are just as powerful as your main colors. In fact, some people choose to have a clean white background while pairing it with a bright accent color like lime green or neon pink. Applying neon accent colors creates a focal point for visitors, drawing them to your exhibit while staying true to your brand palette. 

It’s all about Balance 

Working with color can be tricky, but it’s all about balance. Don’t forget that you have other ways to bring personality into your display, such as with various textures, tactile qualities and lighting. All of these elements work together to capture your audience’s attention, guide them through your exhibit and give them an element of surprise. 

To discuss a premium color palette for your custom trade show display, contact IGE today.