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Six Booth Elements that Affect Your Exhibit Budget

Exhibit Elements

Your trade show exhibit budget is more complex than you may realize. Not only must you consider the costs of designing and building the exhibit but also delivery, set up, and storage fees.

Below we share six elements that affect your trade show booth budget and how to keep costs down. By working with an experienced exhibit design firm like IGE Group, you can track your expenses and stick to a budget without compromising quality.

1. Brand Experience

Too often, clients start with a laundry list of things they want such as touchscreens and conference rooms. But, if these features don’t enhance the visitor journey, you’ll end up wasting precious resources. Define the brand experience you plan to provide and spend money on the trade show booth features that will help you reach these goals.

2. Material Shape and Size

Typically, exhibit materials come in standard shapes and sizes. If you want something custom, you’ll need to pay more. To save on material costs, work mostly with standard sized materials, as this means less cutting and less waste. Also, consider the shape of your design. For example, curves are attractive, but they result in added expenses because of the cutting and delicate care.

3. Finishes

It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy materials, but this can cause your trade show budget to skyrocket. Delicate finishes require special handling. They may also need to be replaced more often because they can be easily scratched or dented. When choosing finishes for your design, weigh all of your options. Compare the prices, durability and special care instructions.

4. Technology

No exhibit is complete without technology. That said, the technology you choose should align with your goals. If you don’t need plasma TVs or LED lighting, save your money. Also, make sure your booth staff knows how to operate the technology. You would hate to pay for these upgrades and have them go unused.

5. Structure

Custom exhibits tend to cost most because they are fully customized and yours too keep. Other options include modular and portable systems. These options are made from lightweight materials and can be easily assembled and disassembled. Another option is to rent a custom exhibit. Rentals are cheaper to build, and you can save on storage costs!

6. Logistics

The last element to consider is logistics – shipping, labor charges, storage, etc. Our clients often focus on the design and build costs but don’t consider fees for transportation, labor and storage. The more trade shows you attend, the more these fees will add up. Always ask questions, such as how much the exhibit weighs, container sizes needed, labor for setting up the exhibit, etc. so you can keep track of logistical expenses.

Are you in need of a trade show booth but are operating on a strict budget? IGE Group can help! Our options are affordable and include portable systems, modular designs, rental exhibits and custom-made solutions. Call us today and let’s talk!