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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

How to Design a Trade Show Booth for Lead Generation

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When designing a custom trade show exhibit, it’s important to clarify your goals. This way, you can build an exhibit that helps you reach your marketing objectives. For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, a flashy exhibit that demands attention will help get you noticed. Acquiring quality leads is a main motivation for attending a trade show, but how well does your exhibit match these goals? Let’s discuss the ways that you can design a trade show booth for lead generation purposes and knock things out of the park.

Identify Where Your Exhibit Fits in the Sales Funnel

A trade show booth designed for lead generation should fit somewhere in your sales funnel. This will help you optimize your ability to capture more leads.

There are four parts to a sales funnel:

  • Awareness. In this part of the sales funnel, customers are looking for general information on a product or service. To appeal to this audience, encourage visitors to visit your website or sign up for your newsletter. Promotional products work well in this stage. 
  • Interest. In this stage of the funnel, customers are aware of your product or service and want to learn more. Now is your time to show what separates you from your competitors. Make sure your booth is unique and stands apart from the crowd. Product demonstrations are also effective.
  • Decision. In the decision stage of the sales funnel, customers are ready to make a decision. What can you do to close the deal? Your trade show booth staff should be ready with special offers and discounts that can sway purchase decisions. 
  • Action. In the last stage, the customer takes action. They may sign up for a trial or purchase your product. To make this possible, your trade show booth should be capable of accepting orders and passing customers onto the right departments. 

Determine How Visitors Will Interact with Your Display

Consider some of the ways that customers can interact with your brand. Again, keep your sales funnel in mind, as prospects will be at different stages and interested in various interactions. 

To be unique, think about how you can take prospects on a journey through your exhibit. Having multiple touch points makes your brand relatable and memorable. Also, give prospects multiple ways to interact with your products and services. Virtual reality or augmented reality can help with this. Finally, make your trade show display stand out with large signage that features your brand’s logo and colors. 

As you plan for your next trade show event, consider your trade show lead generation goals and how you plan to reach them. IGE can help you create a booth that interests attendees and turns them into valuable leads for your business.