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Incorporate Games Into Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show Exhibit Games

Why Use Trade Show Exhibit Games?

As an exhibitor, there are several important reasons why you should extend your traffic and reach with a trade show game:

  • Generate new leads for future sales
  • Build your mailing list with prospects with product bulletins and newsletters
  • Take orders at the show, if this is common in your industry
  • Get press coverage
  • Introduce a new product to a broad spectrum of attendees
  • Put the spotlight on your company to promote awareness

Use Trade Show Booth Games To Attract Customers and Meet Your Goals

Increased traffic can create the audience you need as long as you keep three things in mind.

  • First, the attractions should be appropriate to your business and not be overly distracting. You don’t want people to go home with great memories of the game but not remember whose booth it was. What you select should be in line with your business. Attractions like cash cubes are great for consumer products but may serve no real purpose if you are selling farm equipment or machine tools.
  • Second, once you get people in your trade show booth, you should have a plan in place to interact with potential customers. While attendees are waiting to play or finished playing, your booth staff has an opportunity to interact with them and determine their need for your product. Always use the game to build relationships and connect with prospective customers.
  • Third, your booth should have interesting graphics, displays, and tablet presentations to spark interest in what your company is about. The game is a tool, not your entire display. If most patrons play the game and walk away without looking around, you might have a problem. Either your booth needs some attention or you let the game take up too much floor space. You need to consider how your game will impact the traffic flow in your booth.

For many companies, the best games are ones that have an educational component to them. You can award tokens to play your game after visitors have watched a short product video or after they have qualified by answering a short question or two about your product.

Work With a Trade Show Exhibit Company

If you’re uncertain about the best type of games to incorporate into your display, your trade show exhibit and services company can help. They can evaluate your trade show booth and suggest updates and attractions that will help you achieve your marketing goals. Your company can assure that your layout is conducive to productive traffic flow.