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Large Custom Consumer Experience by IGE Group —

Sea Ray Boats Custom Consumer Experience: Miami Boat Show 2012

Custom Consumer Experience

IGE designed and built a custom consumer experience to showcase Sea Ray Boats at the 2012 New York and Miami Boat Shows. Our team conducted a great deal of research on the design tradition of yachts and experimenting with different shapes. When we suggested the concept of including a large hanging sign in the shape of a wave, Sea Ray loved the idea, so IGE made it happen. We devised the creative strategy, as well as executed the production, vinyl application and custom consumer experience.

The Show and The Client

Sea Ray is the world’s largest producer of superior quality watercraft.  This includes a variety of high-end and bespoke pleasure boats, sport boats, sport cruisers and yachts. The brand is often honored for innovative technologies and has earned awards in more boat categories than any other manufacturer.

The Miami Boat Show is an annual event hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Over 1,700 companies that are NMMA members produce more than 80% of the marine products used by recreational boaters and anglers in the United States. The North American pleasure boat market represents fully half of the global demand for these products and services (roughly $39.5 billion annually in just the United States alone).

Simple. Asymmetrical. Open.

Every single model produced by Sea Ray was available at the booth. Therefore traffic flow could potentially be difficult to navigate. Our design tackled this issue by maintaining a simple and open concept. Boats occupied the heart of the space, denoted by towers lined with LED lights. The perimeter included semi-private meeting spaces and informational kiosks. In addition, the brand name and logo appeared repeatedly to ensure attendees remembered it. Plush white carpeting and gorgeous wood grain walkways mirrored the quality, design and craftsmanship of yacht design. The large-scale exhibit won Best Boat Display and Innovation Award.


  • 50′ x 115′ (5,750 square feet)
  • 38 boats
  • 10,350 horsepower
  • 12,000 visitors

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