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Tips and Tricks for Quarter 4 Trade Shows

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Quarter 4 feels like a magical time for businesses. Almost every company has the opportunity to bring in extra revenue because of the holidays. Even if your business doesn’t have traditional holiday gifts, you can still boost sales by offering winter-related promotions and sales. 

Another thing that is wrapping up for the year is attending trade shows. Many businesses have finished up their trade shows for the year, while others have one or two left. If you fall into the latter category, surely you want to make the most of your last events. Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on over-the-top gimmicks to stand out. Simply amplify what you do best.

Below are some trade show tips and tricks to help you make the most of quarter 4 trade shows. 

Review Booth Etiquette 

Trade show attendance increases at this time of year, so you can expect to have your brand in front of more people than normal. First impressions are everything, so be sure that your booth staff knows the proper trade show etiquette. This includes being alert and smiling at people who walk by. No one should be on their phones or distracted.

Finalize Dinners and Sponsorships

Connecting with people outside the booth floor is a great way to build stronger relationships. Think about some of the people (e.g., industry professionals, local business owners, competitors) who you want to meet with. Now is the time to invite them to happy hour or dinner. Depending on your fourth quarter budget, you might be able to create a more personalized experience that includes tickets to a sports event or theater play. 

Spruce Up Your Custom Trade Show Display 

Even though now is not the time for a rehaul, you can always freshen up your display before your next trade show. It’s likely that it has taken a beating over the past year or two and is in need of new signage, a fresh coat of paint or customized brochures. You may even want to incorporate holiday elements, such as garland, a light show or holiday music. 

Update Your Swag Bags 

Plan on handing out swag bags or other promotional merchandise? The best products are useful, thoughtful and relevant. Think about holiday-inspired swag that aligns with your business. This could include beanie caps, hot chocolate mugs, ice scrapers and hand warmers. 

Quarter 4 is bound to leave you with more traffic, more sales and more customers. Remember, some people will be visiting you for the first time, so make every interaction positive and memorable. And, to get a jumpstart on a custom trade show booth for next year, contact IGE today.