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7 Questions to Ask a Potential Exhibit Builder

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Are you in the market for a new trade show exhibit builder? There are hundreds across the country, and not all are created equal. Before you make the ultimate investment, be sure that you choose a trade show builder that is easy and enjoyable to work with. You should be happy with the process as much as the end result.

As you consider your options for an exhibit firm, here are seven trade show questions to ask each. This will help you narrow down your options and choose the best exhibit company. 

  1. How many years of experience do you have? 

This is a big one. The more experience a company has, the better. A long history shows that the company has been building custom trade show booths for many years and has enough clients to sustain business Also, experience leads to confidence in determining what materials to use, how to ship the display and more. 

  1. What services do you offer?

Some of today’s trade show companies offer turnkey solutions, but not all have the capacity to do so. The more services a company offers, the better it is for you. You can get everything under roof and one name – the design, fabrication, storage and logistics. 

  1. Who will build our display? 

Some exhibit companies outsource their fabrication to third parties. This is not ideal because these processes are out of their control. Exhibit companies like IGE have a full fabrication facility with state-of-the-art equipment and CNC machinery. Everything is made under one roof from start to finish, saving clients time and hassle. 

  1. What types of materials do you use? 

Always ask about the materials used in the displays. Lightweight materials like aluminum, tension fabric and plastic are popular because they are economical and easy to transport. Look for trade show partners that have access to these materials as well as shelving, mounts and counters.

  1. Do you have more than one warehousing facility? 

To save money and hassle on shipping and storage, you’ll want to pick an exhibit company that has multiple fulfillment and storage facilities. As an example, IGE has a warehouse with over 50,000 square feet of space as well as additional storage facilities around the U.S. and the world. 

  1. What do your other clients have to say? 

What types of clients does the exhibit firm work with? It’s a bonus if some are related to your industry, as the firm probably has great ideas to pass on. You can find reviews and testimonials on the company’s website, as well as on Google and social media sites. 

  1. Can I see your project portfolio? 

A reputable exhibit design firm will have a collection of their work. For example, IGE posts a lot of our trade show work on our website where prospective clients can view it. We are proud of the cutting-edge materials, outstanding visuals and creative structures that our team comes up with. 


Weigh your options when it comes to choosing a trade show exhibit builder. This extra time will pay off. And, if you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest in a custom trade show booth design, talk to the exhibit company about renting an exhibit or purchasing a cost-effective exhibit.