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Increase Trade Show Foot Traffic

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In order to increase trade show booth traffic, it’s important to follow these guidelines. You might be surprised to learn that most convention attendees plan which vendors they’re going to visit before they ever set foot in the convention hall. They’re all about achieving their goals as quickly as possible and with maximum efficiency. If you’re not lucky enough to be on that list, chances are that they’ll just pass you by. Find out how to drive traffic to your trade show booth below:

Spread The Word In Advance

If you want to be on those lists, tell people in advance that you’ll be at the expo. Reach out to all of your existing clients to tell them of your upcoming expo plans so they can plan to stop by your display during the show. Next, get in touch with the organizers of the expo and ask for a list of the attendees who have already registered. Most of the time you’ll be allowed access to this list if you’ve paid for a space at the convention. Try to determine which of the people on the list would be interested in your company and get in touch with them to advertise your presence at the expo. After all, convention attendees don’t visit trade show booths at random; you need to let them know that you’re there.

Attract Attention

You know that trade show booths should be bright and eye-catching, but don’t forget about your staff. They should attract attention too. Have everyone dress in bright colors or patterns so that they don’t blend into the woodwork. Some companies will have everyone dress in costumes if it’s appropriate for their brand and if everyone is on board with the idea. Just be careful not to carry it too far; an embarrassed and uncomfortable employee is the last thing you want at an expo.

There are also the old standbys, activities and giveaways. The trick here is to avoid overused tactics like raffles and key chains. Giveaway items should be things that attendees will use regularly rather than lose or throw away. By the same token, activities at trade show booths should be creative, exciting, fun, and on brand. That might sound like a tall order, but with a little ingenuity you’ll be able to come up with something great.

Don’t Just Trust Your Luck At Trade Show Booths

The main thing to remember is that you can’t be passive when it comes to drawing people in to your stand. Trade show booths don’t work themselves! Get your employees out on the floor to engage with people, use a well-placed giveaway or activity to attract attention, and consider hiring a few temporary employees to help attract passers-by. With some work and creativity, your booths will see more and more trade show traffic, leading to more and more leads.