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Proven Design Concepts For Corporate Display Booths At Trade Shows

Proven Design Concepts For Corporate Display Booths At Trade Shows

In order to design successful corporate display booths at trade shows, you need to employ both creative vision and solid marketing principles. Ultimately, the goal is to create an exhibit that will increase your company’s sales through your trade show presence. No matter how spectacular and on-trend your design ideas may be, if they don’t help convert visitors and boost your brand recognition and entice visitors to share your message with other potential buyers, those ideas are, in the end, expensive failures. Designing an effective corporate trade show exhibit that hits all of those marks begins with choosing a design concept that helps further your company’s specific trade show marketing objectives.


Zoned For Success

  • Corporate trade show exhibits present some unique challenges. For example, corporations most often represent multiple product lines at trade shows. If those lines are closely related, it is easier in some ways, yet more challenging in the sense of differentiating between them. Creating zones within your booth space can be an effective way to represent each line effectively, to funnel visitors toward the rep for the line they’re interested in, and to help manage overall traffic flow through the exhibit. Polaroid exhibited at CES with great success, using a zoned display for everything from cameras and film to sunglasses. In addition to separate display areas for each product line, the trade show exhibit included a lounge area which attracted to remain in their sphere of influence a little longer, and it also included a staging area for product roll-out with Lady Gaga. The impressive package was tied together with a pair of massive ribbon screens broadcasting Polaroid’s visual branding throughout the event.


  • An Unforgettable Experience

Blow the competition away by blowing visitors away with an outstanding experience. This approach works especially well with tech and multimedia-based exhibits, like SteelSeries massive interactive game experience at the Boston Convention Center. The company’s goal was to introduce hard-core gamers and retailers to an astonishing seven new titles at once. The exhibit featured more than 100 gaming stations, which kept wait times relatively short, and plenty of monitors to keep people excited while they waited. In a theater screen area, visitors also got an exclusive sneak preview of a hot upcoming release. The entire exhibit was surrounded, inside and out, with gigantic graphics, which grabbed a lot of attention


  • Set The Mood

Lighting is a critical element of design in your corporate trade show exhibit; good lightingwill bring your exhibit to life. Light can attract or overwhelm, and create a space that’s either welcoming or discomforting, and the differences between these extremes can stem from surprisingly small adjustments in the color, intensity, or placement of the lighting. Work with a professional lighting designer to create a lightscape that is attention grabbing without being alarming. For example, up-lighting your products or display elements in your booth can create a dramatic effect, but if you place up-lights where they will shine on people, those people will appear ghoulish and visitors will avoid them. Lights which are too blue or blinking or moving in the wrong ways can also leave visitors feeling uncomfortable and eager to leave. Once you’ve established your merchandising strategies for your trade show trade show exhibit’s general concept, start consulting a lighting designer as soon as possible, so every aspect of your display is lit for best effect, and you get a harmonious and welcoming impression overall.