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3 Common Trade Show Booth Configurations

designing a trade show booth

Creating an engaging exhibit booth design requires time and effort, and the initial steps can be intimidating. This is why it’s important to work with an exhibit design company that you have a great rapport with. Together, you can share trade show booth layout ideas and execute them for the best results. 

At IGE, one of the first decisions we make is what configuration to go with. Each trade show booth layout has distinct benefits and price considerations, so it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting with each one. Below are the three most common custom trade show displays to consider for your next event

  1. Inline Booths 

Inline booths, or linear booths, have three structural sides. The fourth side is exposed. As the name implies, inline booths are arranged in a straight line with other exhibits on both sides. Starting with 10x10s, inline retail displays are manageable and cost-effective. The only thing to pay attention to is height, as some trade show venues have height restrictions.

Here are the benefits to choosing an inline booth: 

  • Plenty of space for graphics, shelving, storage, display units, etc. 
  • Typically, an economical option 
  • Lots of traffic that can come from either side 
  1. Peninsula Booths 

A second option is a peninsula booth, which has three exposed sides and one backdrop. Peninsula booths are a bit more expensive, so be prepared to shell out the extra money. They typically start at 20×20 and go up from there. As with inline booths, you’ll want to pay attention to any height restrictions from the venue. However, they are more generous for peninsula exhibits. 

The advantages to selecting a peninsula exhibit stand design are: 

  • Larger footprint
  • Increased visibility 
  • More options for creative displays and signage 
  1. Island Booths 

Island booths are the most expensive configuration, as they start at 20×20 and go up from there. These larger displays have four exposed sides, allowing you to draw in traffic from all directions. Height restrictions are most lenient for island booths so you can command the stage with the larger footprint and taller structures. 

If your budget allows for an island booth, here is what you can expect: 

  • High visibility 
  • Maximized trade show traffic 
  • Flexible footprint and height restrictions 

Find the Right Trade Show Configuration with IGE 

Within each configuration, there are many things you can do to bring your brand to life. When you work with IGE, we’ll help you choose an exhibition booth design based on your trade show needs, goals and budget. For example, do you plan on hosting demonstrations? Do you need storage space? Are you launching a new product? Once we have chosen the right trade show booth layout for your exhibit, we can start working on the details. 

To begin your exhibit project with IGE, contact us today.