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How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Trade Show Booth

St. Daulfor Small Exhibit

Has your company been holding back on exhibiting because of the expense? 

While exhibiting at a trade show is costly, the hope is that the leads you get offset some of this. But, you still have to make the initial investments, and you might be wondering if it’s really worth it in the first place, especially if you can only afford a small trade show booth. 

We’re here to tell you that exhibiting is very worth it. While larger exhibits often have an easier time demanding more attention, you can still accomplish your goals on a small exhibit and a small budget. Here are three ways that even a modest exhibit can make a huge impact. 

Bring Attention to Your Brand 

Your exhibit doesn’t have to be big and loud to attract visitors. Consider what products or services you want to share, how you will display them and how your exhibit will draw attention. For instance, maybe you’re only planning on showcasing your best sellers or newly released items. Eye-catching displays, stands or shelves give you ample room to do this. 

You can also draw people in by handing out fun promotional items, hanging signage above your exhibit or offering something cool and interactive, like a spin-the-wheel game or VR experience. Don’t forget that lighting can help your exhibit’s graphics “pop.” All of these enhancements can be done on a lighter budget. 

Of course, your exhibit can’t just look good; it must function well, too. Leave room for guests to walk through and interact with your exhibit. Consider how your team will engage with visitors—will they sit down and talk to them one-on-one? Will they encourage them to try an immersive experience? You don’t need a huge booth to be successful in these areas. 

Network with Potential Customers and Industry Professionals 

When you attend any trade show, you get the opportunity to network with others in your industry. Face-to-face networking is preferred when it comes to building authentic connections with others. One reason for this is that in-person networking makes it easier to read someone’s body language and facial expressions. In a world where competition is fierce, these meaningful interactions are crucial. 

Fortunately, a big exhibit is not required to network with others. Stand proud by your exhibit, greet visitors with a smile and build a strong team that positively represents your business. Don’t be afraid to walk the trade show floor and meet others in your industry. You can share information, learn about your competitors and connect with businesses that may want to partner with you in the future. Remember to follow up online to build stronger relationships. 

Start a Conversation 

Prior to the event, let everyone know that you will be attending and how/where they can find you. Generating buzz before the trade show gets people interested, increasing the chances that they will come and visit you at the event. This is especially important if your exhibit is on the smaller side and easier to overlook. You can create anticipation by giving a special prize to the first X-people who come to your booth. 

When the show is over, make sure to thank everyone for their support. You can do this on social media or by sending out an SMS text or email. Don’t forget to update your social profiles regularly and send out newsletters to keep the conversation going, ensuring your brand remains front and center. 

Small Exhibits. Big Impact. 

We know that with the cost of exhibiting, some businesses might not feel it’s necessary. However, you don’t need a large booth to make an impact. You can achieve the same great results with a smaller booth, especially when you have the right ingredients. To speak with our trade show exhibit company, contact IGE Group today. We can bring your vision to life regardless of your booth size!