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How to Stay Connected to Your Customers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

man working in customer service

Your customers may be in quarantine right now, and your trade shows likely canceled or postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to provide great service. There are a number of ways that business owners can stay in contact with their audience during this challenging time. In fact, your customers will probably love to hear from you now more than ever! 

Below are some effective ways on how to keep customers engaged during the coronavirus outbreak

Let customers know what changes you’re making.

Start by letting your customers know what changes are taking place within your business, such as if your trade show marketing events are being canceled or postponed. Update them on your business hours, extra precautions your employees are taking and if you are self-quarantining staff at home. People feel more connected to brands when they share what’s going on behind the scenes. It reminds them that your brand is human, too. 

Increase your social media presence. 

Now is the time to utilize social media. People are probably checking their news feeds more frequently now that they’re working from home. Because there is so much information about coronavirus, find some positive topics you can share instead. It will take your customers’ minds off the pandemic, even if for just a moment. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to talk to your customers more right now. People are looking to stay connected, and depending on your audience base, you might have a lot of customers who live alone. Ask questions, take polls, start conversations, share uplifting videos and more. 

Offer online deals and discounts. 

To keep your sales numbers up, strongly consider offering some online deals. Remind customers that they can still shop on your website (providing they can). Give them a coupon off their total purchase or feature a discounted product each day. If your business provides services, encourage customers to purchase gift cards or gift certificates instead. To make them attractive, throw in a discount like $50 worth of gift cards for just $35. 

Serve your customers through digital channels. 

You may offer phone and email support to your customers, but now is the time to utilize other channels. Social media is the best place to start because customers can talk to you wherever they are. To do this, you can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or another instant messaging platform. For face-to-face interaction, try Skype or FaceTime


This is a scary time for our world right now, and we realize that businesses are uniquely affected. Not only do you have to worry about the health and well-being of your employees and customers, but you must also find ways to keep your business afloat. Hopefully our tips will spark some ideas on how to stay connected until the next trade show. 

IGE continues to provide trade show services to our valued customers. To discuss your options for building a new exhibit and coming back stronger, contact us today.