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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

3 Ways to Update Your Exhibit on a Tight Budget

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How can you update your trade show booth on a budget? Not everyone can afford to purchase a new trade show booth when their old one wears out. Custom exhibits are major investments, and some companies have no choice but to get as much use as possible out of them. That said, consider how many miles in shipping, hours in storage and set up and take-downs the average exhibit goes through! Even if the original design is still relevant, it’s very possible that the structure could be showing signs of wear and tear.

Before we jump into three ways you can update your exhibit, let’s discuss the importance of maintenance. It goes a long way in preventing big, expensive repairs!

Maintenance Matters

After each event, inspect your trade show booth for damage. It’s possible that some corners or shelving may need to be refreshed or replaced. Other things to look for include burnt out light bulbs, loose electrical connections, soiled graphics or missing pieces. You may even want to consider insurance to cover your assets.

You should also check your shipping cases, as these are only reliable if they’re intact. Over time, it’s not uncommon for shipping cases to become worn, dented and damaged from years of being in storage and transit. For the best protection, repair or replace the shipping case at the first sign of damage.

Now that you know what to look for after each event, let’s move onto three affordable ways to liven up your trade show booth!

1. Change Your Current Graphics

You don’t have to build a new exhibit to take advantage of updated graphics. Many of our clients update their trade show display graphics to keep things looking trendy and fresh. This is far less expensive than having a new booth built, and it can accommodate a branding refresh.

One word of caution here. Updating your display graphics only works when you are happy with the rest of the structure. You know the dimensions and where the graphics will go, so everything else will stay the same.

2. Incorporate Portable Structures

Another way to give your trade show booth a face lift is by incorporating a portable display. Portable structures are more popular today than ever before because of their ease and cost effectiveness. For example, an iPad stand adds an interactive element without having to redesign the entire booth. Or, new display lighting can bring attention to a product you are showcasing.

3. Rent a Trade Show Display

If you’re on the fence between investing more into your current exhibit or building a new one, renting a display is a great alternative. It’s far less expensive to rent than buy, and you can test out the waters to make sure you like everything. Through renting, many clients learn what features are worth the money and which are not. Plus, you can save on storage fees.

Trade shows are an important part of your marketing strategy, but they are an investment. Fortunately, there are always ways to make them more affordable. IGE works with businesses of all sizes, and we’re confident that we can work within your budget. Between our portable displays, rental exhibits and graphic features, we can transform your current booth without having to start from scratch.