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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

Save Time and Money with Custom Modular Displays

Kiss Cosmetics Custom Modular Display

Custom trade show exhibits are a guaranteed way to get your brand noticed. They are bold, creative and professional, and therefore, are effective at attracting visitors. However, custom exhibits aren’t the only way to get your brand noticed. You can still get the sleek, polished look you want without putting in all the time and money that custom displays require. The alternative is custom modular displays for trade shows.

Modular displays are versatile trade show booths that can be reconfigured for each show. To be adaptable, modular exhibits are made from lightweight materials like tension fabric and aluminum. Below are a few interesting things to know about modular displays and how they can save your brand time and money.

Easy to Transport

Modular trade show booths are designed to be put up, taken down and reconfigured. They are made from lightweight frames, shelves and panels that are easy to transport from one place to the next. This means lower shipping and storage costs, plus you don’t need professional staff to assemble the booth. Most custom modular displays can be set up by your own employees. 

Flexible Reconfiguration

It’s common to have different sized booth spaces at your trade show events. You may have a large 20×20 space at one event, and a small 10×10 at another. Rather than forcing your exhibit to fit the space, make the space work for you by switching up the visuals. For instance, if you want to create a new experience for your visitors, arrange a unique traffic flow. If you need to catch people’s attention from a longer range, use large trade show signage.

Full Customization

Gone are the days when modular exhibits were all the same. Today’s exhibits can be custom designed to fit your brand and the goals you are trying to reach. Modular trade show booths can be reconfigured in any way you like and also customized with your brand’s logo, colors, graphics, text and more. Make the space “yours” and get the same attention from visitors as a custom booth would.

Upgrade Options

One thing we love about custom modular exhibits for trade shows is that they have room to grow. Let’s say that you custom build a modular trade show exhibit at the beginning of the year to use for all of your events. As the year goes on, you realize that certain things work well and others don’t. In this case, you have the option to add parts or eliminate parts. Your custom exhibit is always working for you!

Budget Friendly

Modular displays are more cost-effective compared to custom built ones. The reason for their reduced price is the lightweight materials that are used. But, there’s another way that companies save money – by not having to build exhibits for each event. Businesses are able to save money over time because they can re-use their modular displays and upgrade them at an affordable cost.

Want to learn more about custom modular displays and how they can work for your trade show attendance? Call IGE Group today and discover the possibilities!