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The Top 5 Benefits of a Trade Show Display Rental

trade show display rental

Due to the benefits of trade show display rentals, more businesses are choosing to rent to make a statement while saving money. Renting an exhibit allows you to stand out at your trade show events without having to run through your budget. This is especially helpful for small and midsize businesses that have limited funds to work with. And, if you find out that you really enjoy a certain feature in your custom display, you won’t mind investing in it down the road. 

If you’re ready to get your brand noticed, but not sure how you can afford to build a custom exhibit, renting is a great option. Here are the top five benefits of a trade show rental.

1. Rentals are flexible.

If your business is new and you haven’t yet decided how you want your booth to look, renting one allows you to test the waters. You can experiment with different layouts, sizes and features to see what you and your audience like best. Renting a trade show display also allows you to practice setting it up and taking it down, preparing your booth staff for what to expect.

2. Rentals save space.

Purchasing a booth means that you own it. When the trade show is over, you must tear down the booth and store it someplace safe. Some businesses choose to save on storage costs and keep their display at their workplace. This may be cheaper, but it takes up precious space.

Another option is to pay for storage. It’s more expensive but more convenient, as you save on space and can have the exhibit shipped back and forth to and from the storage facility. For some businesses, a better option is to purchase a rental, which goes back to where it came from.

3. Rentals save money.

Rentals are known for saving businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars. First, as previously mentioned, you don’t have to pay for storage. Second, if you don’t know what you want, renting a custom display allows you to test out different things without wasting money. Lastly, if you don’t attend trade shows often, it may take years before you see a return on investment. Renting a display saves money on all of these factors. 

4. Rentals are versatile.

One of the amazing things about renting a custom display is that you can switch things up as frequently as you want. Unlike an owned booth that stays the same, a custom exhibit rental can have new things added, removed, changed, etc. based on your needs. You can also market your brand in new and innovative ways thanks to the customization options. 

5. Rentals allow for accessories.

When you choose a trade show rental, you can also choose which accessories you want to rent as well. This way, you get everything you need in one order to make your show a success. As you see which accessories bring you ROI, you can decide if you want to invest in them at a later date. Common accessories include digital screens, chargers, extension cords, signage, lighting and more.

Trade show rentals are a great way to bring your brand to life on the show floor without throwing away money. To learn more about renting a trade show exhibit with IGE, contact us today at 800-557-1227.