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Three Ways to Create an Effective Trade Show Exhibit

Effective Trade Show Exhibit

Choose a Display that Makes a Statement

A great way to create an effective trade show booth is to choose a display that is not only visually captivating, but one that also makes a statement about what your company represents and who your company is. Your trade show exhibit should be customized to promote your business’ mission, vision, and products. Incorporate the company’s unique qualities into the design of the booth and the marketing approach. Trade show exhibits should answer guests’ basic questions about the company just by looking at and engaging with the display. If the guest has to work too hard to figure out what a company is about, they will lose interest.

Choose a Display that is Visually Appealing

Vision is the primary sense people use to gather information. Therefore the visual aspect of your trade show exhibit should be a huge focus. If people like what they see, they will want to know more. You don’t have to go over the top with crazy graphics, colors or accessories, but you want to ensure your exhibit isn’t too informational or plain either. People will generalize how they feel about your display to how they feel about your company; so it is important to create trade show exhibits that are eye-catching and interesting. Choosing the right graphics, colors and other visual accessories can make the difference between getting noticed and being overlooked. The use of motion and technology in your trade show exhibit can really grab a potential client’s visual attention as well.

Have Meaningful Interaction with Guests

A great opportunity to make an impact on your guests with your trade show exhibits is to strive for meaningful and purposeful interactions with your attendees. Think about how your staff is treating your guests as they walk by. Are they smiling and learning guests’ names? Are they striking up conversations and making a personal connection with guests? Something as simple as a staff member learning an attendees’ name, or commenting on sports apparel a guest is wearing, can draw the person in and open up their receptivity to your product and your company.

Also, think about the impact you are making with your handouts and giveaways. Are you simply giving out generic brochures or flyers that are looked at once and then thrown away? Think about items that can actually be useful to a potential client and incorporate your marketing into those things. For example, give trade show exhibit attendees a travel mug they will want to keep and use, increasing your company’s mark on their life, beyond a single interaction.