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Boost Trade Show Sales With Convenient Merchandising Stands

Boost Trade Show Sales With Convenient Merchandising Stands

If your company is looking for the right fixtures to display merchandise effectively in your trade show booth, there is a wide variety of convenient merchandising stands, shelving units, and individual shelf stands on the market today. Start planning your trade show display by deciding whether your product and sales style will be best supported by storefront-style merchandising or a showroom-type display. Typically, storefront displays work better for merchandise that customers will buy on the spot and carry away, while showroom displays are better suited if you’re selling products that will be delivered to the customer after the show. Many of the same retail psychology principles that apply to merchandising in a brick-and-mortar store also apply to displays, though you’ll have far less space to use, so it’s imperative that your display is optimized for selling.


Improving trade show sales is always a priority. Be creative. Lean into what helps your business stand out from the rest, whether it be boasting your brand colors or sharing your product or service in a smart, engaging way.

Shelf Units

Shelf units yield a lot of display space from a small amount of floor space by going vertical. They also offer extra space for large graphics that help spread your visual branding and message. Plan carefully when you want to incorporate shelf units into your booth, especially when it comes to traffic flow. If the placement of your shelf display creates a bottleneck for people who want to get in and out, they’ll spend less time looking at the merchandise. If people walking on the aisle see a traffic jam in your booth, they’re more likely to keep walking. And if the people who are already in your booth are blocking the products from view, passers-by have no reason to come back later. Placing shelves perpendicular to the aisle ensures that at least some of your products are visible from the aisle, even when the booth gets crowded.

Display Tables

Putting your product on a display table immediately sets it apart and gives visitors a reason to wonder what it is and why it’s special. It is also a strong invitation for visitors to receive a hands-on demonstration. Your team gets an extended opportunity to interact with visitors while they try out the product. These can both increase trade show sales.

Shelf Stands

Dealing with limited booth space can be a challenge. If you cannot fit either a full-sized shelf unit or a table into your display, look for a banner stand system that offers shelf stand accessories. These compact, individual shelves are ideal spots to display small merchandise. Place it next to a huge banner that can be used to attract traffic and generate interest in the product. Remind your booth team is aware that they may need to offer some friendly encouragement to visitors to pick up and handle those items. There is a fine line between the message that ‘this is something special’ and the message that ‘this thing is too special to just pick up and check out.’ Some visitors will err on the side of caution, so make sure they know they’re welcome to handle and try those items.