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Experiential Exhibits: Stand Apart from the Crowd


As trade shows grow bigger and more competitive, it becomes harder to stand apart from the crowd. You can pour money into your trade show booth design to make it bigger and better, or you can stay true to your brand and focus on creating branded experiences. The best way to build these interactive experiences is with experiential marketing. 

Experiential marketing is all about delivering experiences to your target audience. Instead of delivering information in a printed brochure, you create an experience for the customer. This experience is likely to stay with them, improving brand recall and recognition. 

Let’s learn more about how to create branded experiences with an experiential custom booth design and what you have to gain from this strategy. 

How to Create an Experiential Exhibit

An experiential exhibit gives you plenty of opportunities to capture your audience’s attention and get them excited about the products and services you have to offer. 

Here are some tips for building an experiential trade show booth

  • Interactive demos. Do you have a product you want to showcase? Perform a live product demonstration that lets visitors try it for themselves. When people can touch and see a product, they form connections that go beyond just hearing about it. 
  • Product samples. Product samples can be placed directly into the hands of your visitors so they can experience your products on their own time. This works especially well with food and drink, as people can form an opinion when they taste something. 
  • Mascots. A mascot brings your brand onto the trade show floor. Combine this with a hashtag campaign for the best results. For example, people who find your mascot on the trade show floor can snap a photo with him and upload it to social media with the hashtag. 
  • Social media. Social media supports experiential marketing. For example, you can launch a hashtag campaign like the one mentioned above or do a giveaway. When people participate in your campaign, they will be entered into a drawing for a prize. 

Benefits of an Experiential Trade Show Booth Design 

There are three key benefits to having an experiential exhibit: 

  • More traffic to your booth. Experiential booths tend to bring in more traffic because they are engaging and informational. With this additional traffic, you increase brand awareness and lead opportunities.
  • Engaging booth. Once you have captured your audience’s attention, you can engage them with virtual reality, product demonstrations and more. These interactive experiences will encourage visitors to stay and learn about your products. 
  • Press and social media coverage. With exciting things going on inside your booth, you’re more likely to gain attention from the press as well as social media coverage. You might even have the chance to go viral! 

An experiential trade show product display is a great option for brands that want to get noticed on the event floor. To discuss building an experiential trade show booth for your business, contact IGE today.