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Why the Last Day of a Trade Show Deserves Your Attention

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The last day of a trade show – usually day three – can be brutal. You’ve been on your feet for two long days, schmoozing with hundreds of people. It’s normal to feel physically and mentally tired. And, on the last day, some attendees feel the same way. They can be less engaged, something you might see as they scurry past your booth without making eye contact.

Some people may question why a day three is even necessary. But, as we know, there has to be a beginning and an end to a trade show. Rather than dreading the last day, give it your best effort. This day is more important than you realize, and you get out of it what you put into it.

Below we share a few reasons why day three can be the best day of your trade show and ways to ensure it’s a hit – not a miss.

Some attendees show up on Day 3.

It’s not common, but some people do wait until the last day to attend a trade show. It’s possible that one of these individuals could lead to a sale and a lifelong customer. Think about the effort that you put into a potential lead on any given day back at the office. Don’t pass up these potential opportunities that are right in front of you.

Some attendees are open to spending more time with you.  

The last day of a trade show is a bit more relaxed. People who do walk around will often spend more time with vendors because they don’t feel as rushed. Some might even return after Day 1 or 2 to speak with you, allowing you to go into more detail about your products and services. From here, you can schedule a follow-up meeting. Remember, most sales from trade shows come after the event.

You remain a reflection of your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been standing on your feet, hungry and tired, for the past 8 hours. For each person that walks by, it could be their first and only interaction with your business. If you look bored, disinterested and totally “over it,” it sends the message that this is how your company is all the time. Consumers are protective of who they give their business to, so you need to earn it.

How to Make the Most of the Last Day

Now that you realize how important the last day of a trade show is, let’s talk about some of the ways that you can get more results.

  • Keep your booth open. Closing it early closes off the chances of meeting someone new.
  • Stay well-staffed. Show attendees that they’re important. Bring along your A-team to accurately answer all questions and concerns.
  • Save giveaways. Don’t give away all of your promotional products on the first few days. Split them accordingly so that you have freebies to hand out on the last day.
  • Get on social media. Post a tweet or status update about the event and get some last minute engagement.
  • Visit competitors. Take a look at some other booths and network with others. You get built-in networking and exposure to a new audience all in one! 

Bottom line: It’s not over until it’s over! Use every day of your trade show event to your full advantage for the best results and networking opportunities.