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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

5 Tips for Selling at Trade Shows

Selling at RAPID Trade Show

Exhibiting is done for many reasons, but selling at trade shows is one of the most important. Sure, it’s great to generate better brand visibility and network with industry professionals, but nothing is quite as fulfilling as hearing someone say, “I’d like to purchase this product or sign up for this service.” Selling is always the ultimate bottom line. If you have a product or service that you can sell at your events, it’s important to practice smart trade show selling strategies. You’ll feel more fulfilled at these events, and you’ll be able to show your boss that trade shows have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

5 Tips for Selling More Products and Services During Trade Shows

  1. Pick the Right Shows to Attend 

The products and services you sell will be judged by the people around you. So, if you attend a trade show where the other exhibitors have top notch products, it’s going to be difficult to keep up. Pay attention to the trade shows you attend as part of your offline marketing strategy. Make sure the competition is on par with yours so that you can sell your products effectively. When your products and services are in line with your competitors, it also means that you are selling to the right audience. 

  1. Price Your Products Accordingly 

Attendees often look for good deals when attending trade shows. They know that brands want to sell their products and are more willing to make a deal. So, be prepared to lower your prices and offer incentives to get the ball rolling. Draw attention to your trade show exhibit design by using digital signage, educational kiosks or augmented reality. Let people experience your products and services firsthand so that they are more willing to convert.

  1. Train Your Booth Staff

Be strategic about the people you send to your trade shows. Choose energetic salespeople who are polite, but effective. People tend to talk themselves out of buying something, so it’s your staff’s job to stop this from happening. Good salespeople are able to address buyer concerns and keep customers in the funnel. 

  1. Prioritize Customer Loyalty

Brands are often quick to give incentives and discounts to new customers, but they don’t do the same for returning customers. However, the money is in the return customer. If someone does buy your product or service on the spot, give them an incentive to sweeten the pot. This could be a loyalty card, a future coupon code or a discount for a referral. 

  1. Build Relationships First, Sell Second 

Always take the time to build relationships first. Again, it pays to have experienced salespeople at your custom trade show booth who can strike up a conversation and learn about your visitors. Use technology to your advantage to share your brand experience, such as virtual reality, digital kiosks and interactive games. As visitors learn more about your brand, they will be more likely to work with you. People like working with brands they trust, so if you want to be an effective seller, you must be authentic and likable. 

IGE is prepared to give your brand a competitive edge. By applying the above tips on how to sell at trade shows and creating a custom trade booth, you can attract, energize and influence the right people.