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The Benefits of Custom Rental Exhibits

custom rental exhibit

If your company is planning to exhibit at trade shows, you’re investing in making a statement for your business. You need your exhibit to stand out, which is a challenge in the bustling environment of a trade show hall. It’s definitely not a place where a generic display will do, especially if it looks similar to nearby displays.

This is the primary reason that companies shy away from using rental display pieces, despite the significant cost savings they offer over purchasing display. By working with a trade show house that offers a wide range of customized rentals, though, you can create an exhibit that gives the functionality you need and a look that sets you apart from the competition. Better still, you’ll save on costs like storage, logistics, and (I&D) costs more efficiently. The following are a few of the benefits included when using custom rental trade show exhibits.

Custom Look

No matter what type of exhibit your marketing plans require, your booth should have options you need to create it. Add custom graphics that broadcast your brand image, and you’ve got an exhibit that helps your team achieve its objectives.

Adjust Your Design

Some marketing plans call for varied sizes and configurations of exhibits at different trade shows throughout the year. If your exhibit requires this kind of flexibility, you’ll save considerably on purchase and storage by using custom rental display. Let your trade show house know which configuration you need next and they’ll deliver show-ready pieces. After the show, while your booth is dismantled and returned to the warehouse, you can take your team to dinner. You never need to worry about purchasing an extra piece to make a new floor plan work.

Showcase Your Latest

If your exhibit includes frequent product roll-outs, seasonal campaigns, or you cycle through promoting key drivers, you’re probably going to change your exhibit layout and lighting fairly often, in order to highlight each new push to best advantage. When you use custom rental exhibit pieces, you use what you need for each show then send it back without another thought. No storage, no maintenance, and no capital investment. You can save even more by planning your campaigns a year in advance and ordering double-sided printing when it’s available. For example, having a banner printed with a different campaign on each side is less costly than having two separate banners printed.

Plan More Economical Displays With Custom Rental Exhibits

By working with a full-service trade show house, you’ll get full support for everything from planning and design to graphics, logistics, and I&D, so you can economize without cutting the quality or impact of your trade show exhibit. Plan ahead to get the best selection of display pieces and the most opportunities to save even more money.