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8 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booths The Best In Show

8 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booths The Best In Show

Since you put time, money and effort into your corporate trade show booths, you want to do everything possible to optimize results at every function. Some business owners leave these results to chance, but you’re smarter than that. You know that dominating the showroom floor requires careful planning, strategy and most importantly, proper execution.


If you’re ready to command attention at the next live convention and ensure your trade show booths are the best in a show, consider these 8 tips:


Go bold with your trade show booths!

First and foremost, always make sure you exhibits and designs are engaging, captivating and compelling. Work with a leading design team to give you a cutting edge look that instantly builds buzz.

Plan your location

When it comes to living marketing events, location truly is everything. The prime showroom spaces often go quickly; always contact the venue in advance for a floor plan, so you can strategize the best place for your display during the function.

Prep the team

When it comes to manning and designing trade show booths, it’s not enough to just have product and service knowledge. It’s critical that your employees are welcoming and approachable throughout the event. Smiles, eye contact and pleasant attitudes all around! If you want to really stand out from the competition, have one exhibit “host” ready to meet, greet and direct visitors to the appropriate person.

Host a contest

Create a contest that requires participants to fill out a contact information sheet in order to win. They will get the chance to bring home a prize and you instantly have a new list of leads to enter into your database.

Brainstorm an event-specific promotion

Do you want to make the guests at your trade show booths feel extra special? Design a promotion that can only be redeemed during the function itself.

Create a social media marketing plan

Sure, you’ve posted all about your upcoming trade show exhibits on social media, or at least you should have.  But, how do you plan to use social media marketing during the live event? If not, it’s time to create one. Have your team take photos with the crowd, announce your contests, create status updates and then post, post, post throughout the day! Encourage your followers to tag themselves to widen the range of your brand exposure and tap into other online social networks as well.

Prove you’re an industry leader

You and your biggest competitors may be in the same line of business, but there’s no doubt that your business is unique. Take the time to create white papers or give a speech on a current industry trend to demonstrate why you are the one to watch in your vertical.

Have a giveaway

If you’re not a huge fan of handing out free trinkets, not a problem! You can opt to instead give out trial sizes of your products. It’s the perfect way to extend the reach of your brand while getting your merchandise into the hands of your specific consumer demographic.