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Step Up Your Trade Show Game with these Tips

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Trade shows provide an incredible amount of value to your company as long as you have an effective trade show display, knowledgeable booth staff and opportunities for visitors to engage with your products and services. Take a quick look at the ideas below and see how easy it is to step up your trade show booth game. Trade shows are growing increasingly competitive, but there are ways to stand out and drive more traffic to your booth. 

Start long before the trade show 

Attracting the right people to your booth starts way before you set up your trade show display. Use social media to let people know that you’ll be exhibiting at a particular event and where to find you. To encourage people to take action, tease them with some of the amazing things you’ll have at your booth, such as new products and branded merchandise. You can even offer the first x-number of visitors a free item. 

Create a comfortable environment 

If you have a large booth, use it to your advantage. Set up comfortable seating so that people are encouraged to visit. For added convenience, incorporate charging ports where visitors can charge their devices. Seating is limited at trade shows, and phones often run low on battery, so people will be thankful you thought ahead. Don’t forget to introduce people to your brand with an intro video or pamphlets.

Offer things that everyone needs 

Thinking of your customers’ needs before they do shows that you are thoughtful. People are more likely to do business with a caring company like this, so consider some of the ways you can anticipate your visitors’ needs. For example, you can offer bottled water or fresh fruit to prevent hunger and keep energy levels up. Gum or mints are also a great idea since people spend a lot of time talking and can experience dry mouth. 

Make your display noticeable

Make sure your trade show booth demands attention. You can opt for a taller booth that stretches above your neighbors – though do check with the venue’s height limitations first. Another idea is an overhead display that can be hung over your booth. This way, people will see your name or message from far away. LED lights, vivid messaging, music, branded swag, virtual reality and product demonstrations are other ways to capture your audience’s attention. 

Choose interactive activities 

Want people to stay at your display longer? Implement interactive activities that encourage people to spend time at your exhibit. If you have hands-on products, let attendees try them out. If your services are not tangible, try other interactive activities like trade show games, contests with prizes and virtual or augmented reality. Not only do these activities draw attention to your booth, but also they create memorable experiences that keep your brand front and center. 

Are you planning on building a new exhibit for an upcoming trade show, but you’re not sure where to start? Contact IGE to discuss your project. We’ll help design and build a trade show display that you will be proud of!