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Tips To Help Your Trade Show Displays Stand Out From The Competition

Top Tips To Help Your Trade Show Displays Stand Out From The Competition

It’s no secret that trade show displays offer an affordable, easy-to-transport marketing solution for business owners looking to work their industry’s trade show circuit. These lower cost options are an ideal solution for businesses of every size and scope looking to keep costs low while working the showroom floor. However, don’t let the more accessible price points trick you into thinking that these smaller exhibits can’t compete with their full-sized trade show brethren. While exhibiting space may be at more of a premium with these portable booths, it is completely possible to cast a giant corporate shadow and edge out the competition in any industry.


Know How To Go Big On Your Trade Show Displays

Following a few proven tips can instantly help your trade show displays stand out from the competition. Read on to learn more!

Partner With The Right Design Team

Never opt for ‘do-it-yourself’ tactics when it comes to your trade show displays. Carefully look for a well-established design team that can help you optimize the smaller footprint of these portable displays. Working with the right crew from the start can set you up to conquer the showroom floor, regardless the competition.

Offer A Live Product Demo

Okay, you may not have as much space as your competitors to display product pictures and graphics. However, you will have ample space and opportunity to do something far more important – actually show them what your products have to offer. Strategize a way to host product demos at every function, so guests can see for themselves the many uses and benefits that your merchandise offers. It’s the perfect way to generate showroom buzz and meaningful dialogue with potential clients.

Offer Buzzworthy Giveaways

No matter what size exhibit your business has, many visiting guests will stop in to see one thing: what type of handout you offer. Organizations underestimate the marketing power of a giveaway; don’t be one of them. Take the time to strategize something that is not only fun, but also resonates with your specific targeted demographic.

Provide Free Samples/Discounts

Beyond your chosen handouts, you may also want to consider giving out free products samples as well. Giving away small samples of items, or even coupons for discounts at a later time can help create a major upswing in traffic outside of your trade show displays.

Gear Your Team Up

Even the biggest and most elaborate exhibit is instantly rendered useless if low-energy employees are manning it. Make the most of the biggest asset in your trade show displays – your team! Offering training (either from an outside provider or even using internal resources) on how to effectively engage and compel a live event audience; it’s the perfect way to up the energy within your exhibits and get passersby excited about what your organization has to offer.