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Choosing an Exhibit Design Firm You Actually Want to Work With

Exhibit Design Desk

Are you considering working with an exhibit design firm for an upcoming trade show? The right company will meet your trade show objectives and expectations while being conscious of your budget. A quality team will also make sure that your brand looks professional and enticing – not predictable or amateur.

Finding a trade show exhibit design firm to work with can be done in a few simple steps. We’ll explain the things to consider so you can get the ROI you’re counting on.

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Be clear about the trade show goals and objectives you plan to meet. If you’re launching a new product and want a custom trade show display, a company that only offers portable and modular displays will fall short. Also make sure that the company you choose will be able to meet your timeline and budget. Discuss these details from the start so that everyone knows what is expected from them. 

View Past Exhibits

Exhibit design firms are proud of the work they deliver. Many websites will feature pictures of past work, along with details about the exhibits and awards that were won. As you browse through the portfolios, look at the visual aesthetics of the booths. What is the quality of the materials? How crisp and clear is the lighting? Are the colors bold and vibrant? Each booth should be unique, visually appealing and a true fit for the brand.

Ask About Technology

Technology encourages interaction from visitors and creates memorable experiences. Whether it’s augmented reality, virtual reality, LED lighting or tablets and kiosks, your booth will perform best with technology. When choosing an exhibit design company, ask about the technology they are comfortable working with. You’ll want to have access to these features as you build custom exhibits.

Discuss Budget-Friendly Options

Custom trade show booths are an investment that not all businesses are in a position to make. If you are one of them, ask the exhibit design company if they have budget-friendly options such as portable displays, modular displays and rentals. It’s helpful to have a wide range of affordable trade show booths to choose from. Plus, a rental lets you get your feet wet with the company before committing.

Inquire About Logistics

Exhibit companies can do more than build your exhibit. They can also store, transport, set up, take down and ship back your exhibit. For example, IGE has giant warehouses with fulfillment and storage facilities that will keep your exhibit safe and protected. On the date of the trade show, we’ll ship out the exhibit safely and cost effectively. Having all services under one roof saves a lot of headache! 

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the small things such as how well the company communicates and how knowledgeable and friendly the customer service team is. Your exhibit design firm is your partner – an extension of your company. Choose wisely. For an estimate on a custom trade show display, contact IGE today.